Walking again

January 27, 2008

I’ve gotten my act together and walked both days this weekend, which is something I *should* do every weekend, but somehow I often don’t. I also managed to walk for 30 min one day during the week, so for the first time in ages I actually met my exercise goal this week.

I started a new audiobook today too. My rule with the audiobooks is to ONLY listen to them when I walk – so on the metro and at other times I listen to my iPod it’s music or podcasts, but to move on with the story, I must move my body…

It was really nice today – sunny, warm-ish (around 50 F) and I even saw signs of Spring – little crocuses popping up in the park, showing their bright yellow sparkle against grass which is turning downright green! I LOVE Spring! Last night’s walk was also a mission to find Mexican products here in Paris. I walked to 3 addresses I’d found on the web, only one of which was valid. I bought chipolte peppers and jalepeno peppers and also some mole sauce. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay 7.50 euros (about $10) for a large can of refried beans… I am frustrated because I can’t find dried pinto beans here ANYWHERE, and the rumors that I’ll be able to find black beans aren’t looking too good either. So I’m mixing my exercise and my quest together for a series of excursions to some exotic food markets hoping to track down the suckers to have a steady supply for the future. For short-term, I have a friend visiting in February, and my brother in April, and both of them will bring me the stuff I ask for, but long-term I’d like to find a local source. The walks are also a fun way to combine exploring the city with exercise, and since I’m really determined to find these things, gives me something to look forward to…

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