Walking again

April 27, 2008

Well, I’ve been walking again these past few days.   And we’re actively discussing re-joining the gym (although this does not count for much, as talking about is NOT the same thing as actually joining, let alone exercising there 😉 )

On Friday I got home from work a bit earlier than I expected and realized I could get one of my Saturday errands done if I hurried out the door, so I threw on some walking shoes and grabbed my iPod (hoping it would still be charged, as I haven’t used it since I last went walking over a month ago) and headed out the door.  It was wonderful.  Warm and sunny afternoon, my audiobook on the iPod which is a good one, a nice 45 minute walk, and the errand accomplished.  Not bad at all.

Yesterday was another fabulous and beautiful day here in Paris.  Warm but not hot – perfect for jeans and a t-shirt when walking around, sunny, beautiful floral Spring.  In this amazing, fun, interesting city.  My DH & I had planned on taking a long walk around town a few weekends ago and then time slipped away from us so we didn’t do it, so yesterday we attacked – it was great.  We walked around the Latin Quarter for about 4 hours, doing some shopping, going down small streets that he knew for one reason or another, etc.  Nothing strenuous, but still, on our feet and moving for several hours is unfortunately considerably more exercise than I’ve had in weeks.

Food these past few days has been okay.  I’ve made mainly good choices in some more difficult circumstances.  I’ve done okay on the fruit & veggie counts, but not as spectacular as earlier in the week – but the weekend has been a real foodie one for us, and in that context I’ve done okay.

Friday 9 : B – 2 smoothie (berries, orange), L : 3 – carrots, cucumber, tomato; S : 1 apple, D : let’s call it 3 (but considering it was a 3*** restaurant and we had multiple desserts and wine it was not a dieting moment…but it sure was delicious!)

Saturday 8 : B – none (woke up late after late night dinner Friday) L – 3 (tomatoes, mango, peas/carrots) D : 5 zucchini, carrots x 2, eggplant, tomato

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