Wanted : your good wishes, prayers, thoughts, etc

December 10, 2008

Well, I have been quietly gearing up for a frozen embryo transfer which is scheduled to take place on Thursday.  Please keep me in mind as you send out good karma, pray, or just think nice thoughts for others.  The embryos from my IVF in July will be defrosted (Wednesday, I guess) and then transferred to me on Thursday.

I’m trying to stay optimistic and relaxed, although honestly it isn’t easy.

I also have job stuff going on, but please concentrate all the positive energy into the baby making for the next few weeks – job stuff is far, FAR down on my priority list.

I apologise in advance if I don’t make too much more mention of it (except maybe to update this call for support) because I will be taking the lowest-stress path, which will probably mean silence on this topic for the next few weeks.  (Your prayers and thoughts are very welcome during this time, and I hope, the next 9 months too!).

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