Water & a walk

April 21, 2010

Getting back on track for me is often a build-up process.  Eventually I have enough good habits back in place that things click over to mainly healthy & suddenly I’m back on track without much stress, but I’ve learned that the way to get there is just to figure out some of the smaller steps I’m willing to make & just make those & forget the rest (the stuff I’m NOT doing).

Right now, that’s meant just starting with drinking water.  Food journaling seems to ambitious.

Water drinking has been going well for the past 2 days.  I have a new pretty blue Sigg water bottle & I’ve been drinking from it constantly & refilling it during the day.

Yesterday we went for a nice walk & I’d really like to make that a daily thing.

I’ve been making some slightly better food choices – yesterday at lunch I ordered a chicken sandwich and ate it without the bun, and ordered a side salad instead of fries.  Now, of course we had also ordered a side of chili cheese fries, so it’s certainly not as though things are back on track, but it’s a small amount of progress.   Dinner was a similar story, we decided to just have salad so I went to Whole Foods to hit the salad bar for all the yummy things, but also bought TWO of my favorite ice creams that I dug into after my salad dinner.  So one foot forward as one goes backward, but at least there is that hint of forward.

My husband and I are sick of eating in restaurants & hungry for fruit, veggies & simple home-cooked food.  The “I want to have xxx before I go back to Paris” list is pretty short at this time, and I’m not going to have any problem getting back on track when I’m back home.  Still another week before we’re home, however….

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