Week 4 Wahls Paleo Plus

April 29, 2014

Updating on Week 4 of Wahls Paleo Plus, and a few more AIP reintroductions

AIP Reintroductions :

Success with : Grass-fed raw milk cultured butter, black pepper, coffee, mustard, seed spices

FAILED : sesame (tahini)

This week I finished watching for reaction to the mustard (none) and went wild with the test for seed spices, throwing 3 kinds of seed spices (cumin, coriander & sumac) together so I could get ’em done in one test instead of several. It went fine, and I’ll now assume all seed spices are ok, thank goodness, will make cooking easier and tastier.

Up this week : macadamia nuts & then egg yolk, woo-hoo! In May I should be starting to reintroduce some nightshades even

Update on the Wahls Paleo Plus (WPP) portion :

There was ONE big change I made this week – I reintroduced Bulletproof coffee (made with 6 ounces of coffee and 1 T MCT oil & 1 T butter). I had been having this for several months before going AIP and it had made intermittent fasting automatic. It was the same now on WPP – suddenly I was easily able to handle only eating twice a day, and no desire for snacks. Since starting WPP I’ve been battling hunger, I suspected due to the somewhat higher carbs, but the BPC in the morning I think pushed me into much deeper ketosis. I’m easily getting to 16 hours intermittent fasting between the end of dinner and when I actually eat lunch (with BPC mid-morning if I’m at home, or earlier if I need to go out). Now i’m able to pay attention to trying to wrap up my eating window at night a little earlier without worry about being hungry and needing a snack again later. Right now I’m easily managing a 16/8 schedule, some days I’ve made it to 18/6 and realistically I’ll keep doing what I’m doing now (16/8) because I’m able to live a normal life and eat with my family and with the addition of BPC it’s working well. Is the BPC ‘allowed’ on WPP? Who knows, and who cares. One thing I like about Wahls in her book and interviews I’ve heard is that she’s pretty pragmatic about getting people close to her ideal but not letting people throw out the good in pursuit of the perfect. So I think she’d give me the thumbs up for getting much further with BPC than I was doing without it… And most important of all is that I feel good. So this one change of BPC improved the No Snacking rule, the 2 meals a day rule, and brought protein down a bit back to moderate. Also I think it helped drop calories a little bit, but I took the week off from tracking so I can’t be sure about that.

The meal planning and veggies are working fine now, I’m now in a rhythm and know what a day of food should look like, and I’ve moved my bone broth soup from breakfast/morning to have it most days with lunch (dinner a few times) and I bought a couple of small glass containers to help make it more convenient. I’m still slightly over-estimating how many veg I need and will eat, we’ve had some waste in the past week, but I’m getting better. Raw carrot/beet salad (for color) helps to make that happen and it’s not thrown me out of ketosis from what I can see

Ketone tracking : I’m clearly in deeper ketosis. I can feel it. My urine ketones aren’t changing how they measure, but I’ve read enough to be a bit skeptical of using the color readings to gauge response level. But I can feel the hunger, energy, breath effects much more clearly. And I have this nifty new gadget, the Ketonix (http://www.ketonix.com) which I use multiple times a day. It’s registering very consistently in the yellow and red levels, and as it should it measures a bit lower in the scale closer after a meal, and much higher (red) first thing in the morning or many hours after eating. It’s a fun gadget, frankly. I bought a cheapo USB battery pack so that the whole thing can be done without connecting it to a charger or computer (should be sold with one in my opinion). That made it easier on the go. I like the immediate feedback, and the fact that it feels like it correlates well to what I’m eating and how I’m feeling. I like that I can check as many times as I want each day and there is no incremental cost. Currently I’m checking first thing in the morning, before lunch and usually a couple of hours after lunch, sometimes before bed, and some days one other time during the day. I doubt I’ll keep doing it as often in the future, but since it’s new and so easy it’ been interesting. I’ve tested an hour or two after eating certain foods that I wondered might be knocking me out of ketosis – namely the raw carrot salad and the frozen berry/coconut kefir mix I eat most days. In both cases I’ve seen a decrease from my pre-prandial reading but not enough to knock me out of ketosis. I’m considering dropping the ketostix when this pack is used up and just sticking with the Ketonix for now. I could totally see how a geek would love to run a n=1 to see correlation between the Ketonix and the blood ketone monitor, but I don’t have the blood ketone monitor (plus the strips are very expensive) so for now I’m content with the Ketonix. I’ve been getting readings in the “red’ for the past several days and am even considering upgrading my device to the “sport” model which pushes the reading ranges a bit higher. If I have another week or two of many red readings I think I’ll do that.

Still need to work on the seaweed. But now it’s the only thing really needing my attention, it should be more manageable. A couple simple changes on that is adding some to my soups when I make them and also keeping the shaker on the table at my place setting instead of on the sideboard where I’m more apt to forget it.

I’m holding off looking more into the coconut oil servings until I’ve gone back to tracking for a week or two and can see where I am in terms of calories. I did choose coconut oil instead of butter a few times in cooking and that probably helps.

And the results? Well, after another 22 day holding pattern, my weight dropped again this week. I’ve been in this 3 week stable, one week drop pattern for several months now. My weight is now the lowest it’s been since I got married in 2007. I briefly touched this weight range in 2009, and a few pounds above in 2012. Yo yo.

I’m retiring more clothes, yesterday I wore one of two remaining pair of 16W jeans, they had gone through the dryer and at first seemed fine, but by the end of the day I was yanking them up while I worked in the kitchen and even my husband said they were too baggy to look good anymore. So i was quite happy to put them in the “too big” box, and just work with the other clothes. I have a few regular 16s (not women’s sizes) that still work, and I think one or two 14Ws – I look forward to all the Womens plus sizes being in that box!


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