Weekend Plan for June 18-20th

June 18, 2010

Well, I’m actually home for 4 days in a row and couldn’t be happier about it!  Unlike last weekend I’m not arriving home exhausted late on a Friday, nor taking a super-early flight on Monday, so I can actually relax and enjoy myself.

I’m also anxious to get my new purse so I want to keep going on weight loss so I’m thinking specifically about the weekend’s plans. 

This weekend is not particularly challenging – aside from my stepson’s theatre group performance (snack afterward) there aren’t too many social obligations, and I can manage the food well as long as I buy some (fridge is pretty bare this morning!)

My goals for this weekend :

  • Stock up on lots of fresh foods, especially the organic veggies, berries & other lovely things at the local outdoor market.  This I will do today and repeat on Sunday.
  • Cook!  Haven’t done much of this lately, and I miss it.  Also my cooking will mean reducing temptations of eating out.
  • Exercise each day : Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday!  Finally ready for a multi-day exercise committment, woo-hoo!  Also have the time to do it for a change.
  • Do not work this weekend (I’m behind on several things, but I need BALANCE)

How about you?

What things are you planning to do this weekend to keep your weight loss goals in balance with other things happening in your life?

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