Weekly check-in and plan June 2nd

June 2, 2008

I had a good and focused week, really profiting from a heavy workload and traveling husband. Here’s how I did with my goals for the week :

  1. Create daily intentions and keep it in mind all day – progress! I finally wrote a good intention statement and have been writing it out daily “My life expands as I take good care of my body”
  2. Consistently make good food choices – yes yes yes!!! This is getting easier!
  3. Keep daily track of the number of fruit & veggie servings – tracking this helps keep it in focus, my average for the week was 9 per day
  4. Investigate your resistance to exercise. Make yourself a deadline to try the public pool and a date by which you will either be in a new plan or re-join the gym. – haven’t done it, it remains a goal for the next week
  5. A four-day challenge : use my daily diet planning sheets TWICE a day to see what that double-dose adds – did well at this all week except the weekend — will keep it a goal

I’m going to stick to these same goals for next week, and try to make progress on the exercise one.

I lost one pound this week, bringing me to -9 pounds from my re-start. It feels like a drop in the bucket, but at the same time 9 pounds and several weeks is starting to feel like I’m on my way. I am looking forward to crossing the 10 pound mark and even more looking forward to kicking the 200’s to the curb. I’d like to do that before summer vacation, although I am really not a fan of time-based weight goals.

This coming week will not be an easy one. My team has a huge presentation on Friday which will keep me hopping until then (lots of meetings in hotels, lunches and dinner meetings too). Despite the conditions, I’m confident I can make good food choices during the week.

Friday night the pressure ends, but the weight-loss challenges begin. Dinner with a dear friend from out of town on Friday, and then we’re going away to the Champagne region for our 1st wedding anniversary – with quite a focus on fine dining and wine. We’re going to be staying at a chateau that has a top-rated restaurant, and we have a tasting scheduled at a fabulous small champagne producer. This will not be a weight-loss weekend (nor will it be a free-for-all).

My plan is to have a focused week on diet, try to walk some over the weekend, and to make decent choices this weekend. I have decided to skip next week’s weigh-in and weigh-in instead on the following Monday (June 16), when I will have had a week back on track.

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