Weekly check-in and plan June 9th

June 10, 2008

Well, I did my weekly wrap-up assessment that usually precedes a weigh-in, and all I can say is YIKES! Last week was hard, and not only did I miss a lot of my goals, most of the solid forward steps I’ve made in recent weeks went AWOL on me. On the goals check in :

  1. Create & use daily intention : I actually did this, even if it wasn’t written down daily
  2. Consistently make good food choices : this was okay until Friday afternoon…
  3. Track fruits and veggies : with no tracking there was no tracking this either, and by late week the F&V counts were lower
  4. Investigate resistance to exercise : done.
  5. 2 times a day daily success sheets : nope, nowhere close. I did the daily success sheets a TOTAL of 2 times out of 14

There were two abnormal events in the week – one a big presentation on Friday, and then our anniversary weekend trip to Champagne. I’d planned to skip the Monday weigh in this week in order to not stress out about enjoying our anniversary, but I think the week itself turned out to be just as challenging to my dieting efforts.

Last week was a stressful week – a huge review by my team in which I had to play mother hen – coaching and helping and sometimes doing things for my employees so they’d be in good shape at their all-day review with my boss’s boss. It was a VERY stressful event for them (who are almost all junior employees and have never had a review like this). It was also a professionally dangerous situation for me – because if my team performed horribly it would reflect quite badly on me as their manager. I tried to keep the stress manageable for them by supplying a lot of templates and helping the 3 most junior folks the most, but it was my own presentation that got squeezed as I also stepped in to help my biggest under-performer have a story that held together. An hour is enough time for the chinks in the armour to come through in any presentation, and this was no exception – my managers saw the truth of each of my employees, but were impressed by their professionalism and the way the presentations went, and I can’t ask for anything more than that. Those who were fragile in my eyes are still, but not because of the presentations, just because of the work they are doing, and that is a fair and good outcome to me. I admit that I put my job in front of just about everything last week, but considering that priority is extremely rare these days I’m not too worried about it.

When I was reviewing the week, I realized that I’d used my daily planning sheets very very rarely. Which was not a huge shock, but I had at least thought the day through on many occaisions even if I didn’t take the time to write it down (the same cannot be said for the evenings, however). I also did really well in reciting my Daily Intention to myself – which is the first week that’s been true, so I was disappointed to see that I’d only written it down twice. My Daily Intention is “My life expands as I take good care of my body” and while I really resisted creating an intention statement (for several weeks I puttered around and didn’t do it) once I took the time to really think it through this one has really resonated with me.

It didn’t help matters at all that we were away the weekend before this stressful week happened, and that I didn’t have a chance to go to the market (Sunday mornings) or prep veggies (usually Sunday afternoon or evening). The house was very poorly stocked for the week, both in terms of what physically existed in the kitchen, and also what was made easy and available — cut up raw veggies and already cooked steamed veggies are usually on hand going into a week, along w either a veggie soup or big salad, and this week NONE of that was around. Added to a crazy schedule with little sleep and lots of pressure, this was not a good basis to begin the week.

All things considered I ate pretty well during the week – making mainly healthy choices at home and when out, but the lack of daily recordkeeping made me a little slack with things like a small peice of bread… By Friday, not only was I eating the dessert and roll that came with our luxury boxed lunch, but I also had a peice of birthday cake in the afternoon.

Exercise was non-existant, and that is starting to bug me more and more. Among the only things I did do was work on my assignment of the reasons I’m resisting exercise (which will be another post) and come to some pretty good insights and plans to get past them.

Our weekend in Champagne was wonderful and indulgent and I have no guilt about that whatsoever, as it was a truly Special Occaision and it was really worth it. The gourmet eating continued with breakfast on Monday but then was put to rest in the past immediately after.

This week will be another challenging one, which I hadn’t realized until I did my weekly assessment (I look back at the past week and forward into the next one to plan). With work travel I’m gone 2 1/2 days, then I have 2 lunches AND 2 dinners out. I won’t be eating at home until the weekend (minimizing the fact that the kitchen is still not stocked, I guess). I realized that to be back on track this week will mean being very vigilant while out — avoiding most bread, avoiding dessert except I’ll allow myself one all week, and making the best choices I can at each meal. Trying to find fruits for snacks in the hotels and meetings too…

My goals for the week will be :

  1. Use daily success sheets 2x daily with daily intention
  2. Consistently make good food choices
  3. Avoid bread and desserts 90% of the time in the eating-out situations
  4. Track fruits & veggies with a goal of 7 minimum a day
  5. Exercise 2 times this week (probably Saturday and Sunday)

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