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September 26, 2011

Slow build up back on track

Since I’m back on track, I’m trying to add back the things that have worked for me in the past.  I’m doing the slow build up approach, where I’m adding the good habits back in one after another instead of the deep-end dive approach where I try to do all the good things at once.  That deep-end thing rarely works for me, and it sure didn’t feel right this time, when I had so many failed re-starts over a few months.

One of the things that I’ve done a lot is build a plan for the week.  In the past this was really a critical thing because I traveled a lot for work and always had a lot of schedule challenges.  Now that I’m home with the baby that’s not the case, but I still think it will be a useful exercise, and also it will help me keep a finite period for trying any new habits and behaviors.

When I do these weekly check ins, I typically start by reviewing the previous week and then making a plan for the upcoming week.  I keep track of my weight-loss weeks starting on Mondays (and my official weigh in day is also Monday) because I’ve found it helps me stay focused on the weekend.

Review of last week :

Last week I started to feel like I was getting back into the groove of dieting.  The good news is that I was still eating well, the bad news is I was not really keeping track and was probably a little too liberal with adding in foods I’ve been avoiding.  Not that I intend to avoid things forever, but I probably loosened up a little too quickly.  I also could definitely stand to keep a food diary again, just to keep portions in check and stay real with the way things really add up.

I lost another pound, which is great, especially since it was pretty easy and very comfortable.

The other good news is that I went to the gym and while I was clearly out of shape, I did better than I had feared (clearly walking around with the stroller daily has some effect too!).

Plan For The Week : September 26th

1) One thing I’m working on in my life is menu planning for the family.  In particular  I need to do this for the weeks when my stepson is with us (we have half custody, and now alternate weeks with his mom).  Having the baby to feed, put to bed, etc and a pre-teen who also has a rough schedule to keep has meant a few days of chaos when dinner wasn’t ready and I was feeding the baby.  I’ve planned meals for this week that are either very fast or made ahead (things like chili).  I’ve messed around with menu planning a little bit in the past but have spent some time on it over the past week or two, and one of my goals is for it to get really under control this week.

2) For diet, I intend to keep things going as they are, and try to back down from the diversification of last week and move a little more slowly towards adding more foods into rotation.

3) Exercise 3 times this week (serious walk or gym or home DVD or home elliptical)

I’m stopping at 3 goals, so the food log idea just got cut out.

It feels good to have the plan in place!

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