Assessment of the past week:

Well, it was a really hard week work-wise, travel-wise, stress-wise but amazingly not diet-wise.  I’d spent enough weeks getting back on track that a big week of difficulty was able to be dealt with successfully & I feel great about that.

I had decided to suck it up & keep a food journal for the first time in ages (I’ve been resisting doing this) but I did add a twist & for me it was a brilliant one.  In addition to the typical section of food (writing down each thing I eat) I made the facing page about the Pleasures in my day & that worked really well.  From being a drag, pulling out my bright little green notebook became something I was looking forward to, as was thinking back on the various small things I’d done that I had enjoyed during the day.  The podcasts I listened to, the teas I drank, the baths I’d enjoyed.

How did I do on my goals this past week?

1) Keep a simple paper food journal : YES! I did this, it worked great, no stress, and just really helpful.  I had associated it with the travel & so I didn’t do it over the weekend (although I stayed really engaged & on track).  The next few weeks continue to be travel-heavy and so I’ll be repeating this again.

2) Exercise 3 times this week : Done, but not easy. To accomplish this goal I had to wake up early, take a walk instead of a nap when I was really tired & push myself to the gym when I would have loved to sleep in or go to the market, but it worked.

3) Focus on Relaxing again : Done. As mentioned above, I found a great way to marry the tracking of food & tracking of pleasure & it worked great for both items.

And the weigh-in for the week?

– 2!!! I honestly had a challenging enough week that just maintaining was a reasonable goal, but I actually managed to lose 2 pounds!  That new purse is just around the corner.  I knew last week I should have dropped one but the scale showed no change, so this week 2 pounds is really a pound a week for the past 2 weeks, which is what my “faster” pace of weight loss is (I’m a slow loser).

A look at the upcoming week :

This week is another challenging one. Three cities in four days (Berlin, Zurich, Rome) and then back to Paris.  I am basically repeating the successful strategies from last week again.  Again I have the gym shoes with me, and this time I should have time in the hotel for a workout on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Goals for this week :

1) Keep a simple paper food journal :repeating from last week

2) Keep a Relaxing journal : repeating from last week – Keeping a list of the Relaxing/Pleasure activities & experiences I sneak into my day is the best way I know to balance out the “diet mania” mindset that can come to me when I keep a food journal.  I have a small notebook I will use for this tracking, with food on the left and relaxing on the right!  will put this into active focus this week.  As I mentioned last week, I do better with my weight and my overall life stress when I can link Pleasure & Relaxation to the process of losing weight.  I WILL add to my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list this week too (I’ve promised this a few times without delivering on it – but this week I will)

3) Exercise at least 4 times this week : A stretch, but if I get one session this week at the gym, I can do 3 sessions Friday – Saturday – Sunday.  It’s a bit ambitious – but I want that 189 purse, so I need a little more oomph.


Spring Focus update :

Reporting is open until Monday midnight, and  I’ll report on group progress on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Because I won’t be home there will be no graphic again this week.

Did you know there are still 3 full weeks left?  That’s enough time to knock off a few pounds – and more importantly enough time to make some good habits stick.  I’m going to get out of the 190s for GOOD, what is your goal?

If you haven’t yet you can still join us by leaving a comment here.