Assessment of the past week:

Despite a lot of travel & despite still being pretty sad about the recent miscarriage, I had a good week.  Not just in terms of weight loss, but also in the fundamental underlying healthy behaviors & more importantly in terms of feeling good & positive about my life in general.

I had a number of healthy behaviors that were solidly implanted in my daily life for months and months before the latest IVF in April.  It was shocking to see how fast those behaviors left me, and even more problematic to see how hard they were to get back.  The good news is that the fact that those behaviors had become HABITS has actually meant that they’ve been able to come back faster than I expected once I stopped expecting myself to go “fully on” and let myself “slowly build up” using babysteps to make good habits part of my life again.

The weight came piling back on at a frightening pace too, but that seems to be turning around – slowly, slowly, but in the right direction & now feeling kind of inevitable as long as I keep doing the right things.

How did I do on my goals this past week?

1) Eat healthy without writing things down : Ok, even with travel! I didn’t write anything down (even though I said I *might*.

2) Exercise 4 times this week : I did it! This goal was hard this week as it meant having to work out every day I was home (plus I count all the walking around I did with Ini in London – more on that later this week!).  I’m quite pleased with myself on the exercise front – and a little annoyed that this week & next exercise will be really tough with travel.

3) Focus on Relaxing again : Fail. Drat, I really like this goal but I lost sight of it.  It probably would have been a good idea too, because there is still a lot of sadness about the miscarriage & some stress about work in my life right now.

And the weigh-in for the week?

The scale today was taunting me.  It showed no change from last Monday even though I hopped on it over the weekend and saw a drop.  Normally with a number like this I’d take a do-over tomorrow morning, but since I’m out of town for the week, I’m just sucking it up & counting the Zero, and hoping next week will be a nice drop.

A look at the upcoming week :

This week will not be easy.  I leave very early Monday, and am gone every night, coming home very late on Friday.  I will be in a different hotel every night.  I have a big meeting I’m running Thursday & Friday, so no way on earth I can squeeze in a workout then.

My big challenges will be food, stress & exercise.  I will come as prepared as possible with snacks & my iPhone loaded with some workout videos, plus I’m taking my walking shoes just in case. If I don’t have them with me I have 0% chance of going for a walk.  With them with me the chances aren’t so much higher, but anything is better than 0%, right?

Goals for this week :

1) Keep a simple paper food journal : I’ve been asking myself for 24 hours if I’m really ready to commit to this, and finally decided, yeah, it’ll be okay.  The week is going to be really challenging, and I know food journaling keeps me more focused on what I’m doing.   I’m doing it the lowest-pressure way I know how to do – just a list on paper, no serving sizes, no calories or counting of anything – just to keep myself aware & accountable.

2) Keep a Relaxing journal : Keeping a list of the Relaxing/Pleasure activities & experiences I sneak into my day is the best way I know to balance out the “diet mania” mindset that can come to me when I keep a food journal.  I have a small notebook I will use for this tracking, with food on the left and relaxing on the right!  will put this into active focus this week.  As I mentioned last week, I do better with my weight and my overall life stress when I can link Pleasure & Relaxation to the process of losing weight.  I’ll also try to add to my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list this week too.

3) Exercise at least 3 times this week : Which will mean both being proactive this coming weekend (since I’ll likely be quite tired & we have a lot planned) but also needing to find at least once to get moving on the road.  It’s a stretch, to be sure.


Spring Focus update :

Reporting is open until Monday midnight, and  I’ll report on group progress on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Because I won’t be home there will be no graphic this week.

Did you know there are 4 full weeks left?  That’s enough time to knock off a few pounds – and more importantly enough time to make some good habits stick.  So if you haven’t yet you can still join us by leaving a comment here.