Well, last week royally sucked with getting news of another miscarriage.

Despite that, on a weight loss front the week was pretty decent.  Not all straight and narrow, but the things that were not really on plan were mainly due to circumstances, not sadness. I guess that “Settling In” (which I will expand on in the future) came at a good time, because I was able to roll with life’s rotten punches without throwing my diet under a bus.  In fact, more than once I was able to turn to exercise as a stress-reliever, which is about as good as it gets.

Assessment of the week:

There were three phases to this week : before the miscarriage (2 days), aftermath of the News, and the Travel.

Before miscarriage : was only 2 days of the week, but they were two solidly good focus days, exercise both days, good eating, feeling good about my weight-loss life.

Aftermath days : I was in a kind of shell-shocked stupor and frankly was not thinking much and just living in basic “keep on keeping on” mode.  This is where the good habits of the past few weeks paid off – I just stuck with what I’d been doing.  So some exercise, decent diet, and some crying.

Travel : I left for a short trip on Thursday afternoon (after the gym, thank you very much) and managed all the meeting-related meals very well. Friday night I had dinner with friends at their house and they cooked stuff that I wouldn’t choose on my diet, but I just sucked it up and enjoyed it.  The only choices I felt badly about was the amount of wine (2, maybe 3 glasses spread all night from 7pm to midnight) and 3 cookies that I totally did not need but they were in front of me so…  I also made a stupid choice & didn’t eat breakfast before going to the airport and was starving & facing all the airport garbage, but had the presence of mind to dig into a stash of old nuts I had in a corner pocket of my suitcase & munched on those instead.  Still, a healthy breakfast would have been much smarter.

1) Eat healthy but not write things down.  Report all deviations in the blog. Not Done. I actually mainly ate healthy but I had a number of deviations and I was really not much in the blogging mood because I was sad and withdrawn for a few days after the miscarriage. (I’m still sad, but moving back to “life goes on” attitude).

2) Exercise four times this week.  I did 5, AGAIN!

3) Focus on relaxing again.  Not done. I actually did start this early in the week, and did make significant effort several times during the aftermath days to focus on things that bring me pleasure or help me to relax, but my mind was in the “licking the wounds” phase of a bad news event, so this wasn’t a focus that was adapted to the bad news in my life.

So, all in all behavior-wise it looks like not such a great week, but frankly given what I was dealing with I think I did really well.  I also lost 2 pounds, which I’m pleased with.  I have my eye on 189, which is now 4 pounds away.  I really want to get out of the 190s for good, because I feel like I’ve been playing with them much too long.

Goals for this week :

1) Eat healthy without writing things down : I might even write things down.  I have a lot of travel this week and every week for the month of June and I’m not sure that just “awareness” will be enough.  I’m starting the week without writing things down, but may re-evaluate.

2) Exercise 4 times this week : another stretch objective this week, as I’m out of town 3 of 5 weekdays.  Saturday will be a lot of walking & so 4 times would mean exercise on each of the days I’m home.  But since it’s both good for me & a good stress reliever, I’m keeping the goal this way.

3) Focus on Relaxing again : I will put this into active focus this week.  As I mentioned last week, I do better with my weight and my overall life stress when I can link Pleasure & Relaxation to the process of losing weight.  This is particularly true when other sucky stuff is going on in my life, so it’s a good thing to put into rotation right now.  I’ll report in on at least 3 Pleasures or Relax items per day, and I’ll try to add to my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list this week too.


Spring Focus update :

Due to Memorial Day, I’m keeping the reporting open until Tuesday midnight, and  I’ll report on group progress on Wednesday.

Want to join?  You know we still have people joining us – there is the whole month of June left to go in Spring Focus.  Actually there are 5 whole weeks left.   That’s a good amount of time to get yourself focused on your health & weight & doing some of the right things before summer is really here – plus enough to torch a few pounds.  Join us by leaving a comment here.