Weekly Plan : Week of March 1st

March 1, 2010

How did the week go?

I had a decent week.  Mid-week challenges were indeed challenging, but nothing disastrous, and I put into practice “Forgive yourself & move on” on two consecutive nights.  Let’s just say I was shaking up my metabolism to make sure I wasn’t in the deprivation zone too much.  And eating some really good food, at least on Tuesday night.

The weekend went well too – luckily I thought it through on Friday, because that made a real difference.  I made it to the gym both Saturday & Sunday, and advanced on a few projects quite nicely.

The weigh-in? Down another half a pound this morning. I’ll take it!

Last week I had 3 goals :

1) Focus on relaxing : hmmm… overall a weak positive I guess.  In the past I’ve actually written down somewhere the relaxing things and that’s helped me to SEE them.  This week thinking back on it I did in fact do a number of them, but I guess I didn’t put enough emphasis on them.  Keeping a list of the positive things I do for myself really helps, especially in heavy-stress times.

2) Go for FOUR exercise sessions this week I did it! It was indeed a bit of a challenge, but I did it.

3) Let go of the daily weigh-ins. Done, but it wasn’t easy. I physically removed the scale on Tuesday morning after my weigh in.  I put it under my bathroom sink, where I’d have to bend and risk spiderwebs to get at it.  I wanted to get on it several times, but each time I managed to avoid it.  I was surprised how much hold the scale had over me, as I wasn’t conscious of being so dependent on that evil little square.  I was glad I didn’t have it after the mid-week excesses, however.  I won’t keep it as a goal for this coming week simply because I’m going to be out of town and there will be no scale to stay off — I’ll have plenty of other challenges I need to manage.

The Coming Week : Challenges, solutions & focus opportunities :

  • The coming week has plenty of challenges – I’m out of town for work to Berlin from Tuesday night, and my husband & stepson are joining me there for the weekend.  In addition to all the normal business travel challenges (coffee breaks, hotel breakfasts, work dinners, long days) I’ll then have my foodie husband to contend with.
  • Exercise is planned for both Monday & Tuesday before I travel, and I’m assuming getting plenty of walking in on Saturday & Sunday.  I’m packing the gym gear in case I have time for the days at the meeting at the hotel.
  • Focus opportunities?  I almost wrote none, but that’s not true.  Monday and most of Tuesday should be fine.  A bit more eating out than is usual because we have some starving artists making a short film in our house this week, so daytime cooking will be out.  Breakfasts in hotels aren’t a big problem for me, I just stick to basically the same things I eat at home.  Dinners of room service are usually pretty manageable, and I can do that Tuesday night, and maybe beg off work social engagements on Wednesday – that’s a bit more iffy.

Goals for this week :

1) Keep a Food Journal. It’s my go-to strategy of choice for challenging times. I can’t really fool myself when I’m writing it all down. 

2) Be prepared.  Buy snacks to keep in my suitcase before I leave.  Grab healthy options to keep in my purse at the meeting.  Actually eat that stuff 🙂  Find a shop to re-stock if I need to.

3) Keep a Relax Report.  Management attention drives behavior, or so we say in my line of work.  So I’ll pay attention to Relaxing.  Looking forward to meditating, listening to music, and I think I’ll put a small travel candle in my suitcase as well.

What’s your plan for the week?  More challenges? Or more focused?

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