Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 19th

July 19, 2010

Assessment of the past week:

Well, traveling was harder than being home, as I expected.  About half of the time that I travel I go regularly to the same locations, and that makes things easier – I know where the landmines are & I can plan accordingly.  Switzerland is going to be one of those stable locations so I’m spending the time to find the solutions and better choices.  Some are working (I taught the local Starbucks how to make a sugarfree iced tea) some are not (buffet lunches).

How did I do on my weight loss goals this past week?

1) Keep a food journal : Passed. My plan was to stay with the iPhone app, but that wasn’t working on the weekend and so I went to pen and paper, which is less precise but also less time consuming and better adapted to my real life without it being a pain.  It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing and that kind of movement on the food journal ladder seems to make sense right now.  I had a stretch goal of  trackin’ the relaxin’ (keeping a pleasures journal) which I did in general but as an ongoing list, not as an obsessive thing.  I guess someone needs to invent an app for that, or I’ll keep it low tech forever!

2) Get regular exercise this week (3+ times) : Barely. I did two dedicated workout sessions this week – once a long walk in Switzerland and yesterday I hit the gym.  I had a short GI flu on Saturday which kept me home (plus I felt lazy).  I have been making efforts to take extra steps every day, however, and I made my step target 5 of 7 days, so even on days when I was crazy busy with no time for a formal exercise session, I did pretty well, which is why I’m giving myself the ‘barely’.  The same effort in other weeks might be a ‘fail’ but this was a hard week & I’m feeling generous towards myself.

3) Take my vitamins each day : I think so. My goal this week was to not miss a day, and I thought I did miss one actually but when I looked at my pillbox I saw that I’m on schedule.

vitamin storage tower

My vitamin tower

I probably would do better if I can make myself stick to a specific meal for the vitamins.  I get nauseous if I take them on an empty stomach, but I’m quite irregular about taking them after either breakfast, lunch or dinner, which of course increases the complexity of remembering if I took them or not…

Yeah, I’m 3 for 3!!!

Weigh-in results :

Okay, I’m sucking it up and taking the 188 (-1 pound) because the scale is again toying with me.  I’ve weighed daily since Friday and 188 is the highest number since then, but since the initial number the scale gave me this morning was 189 I am deciding not to get greedy…  It’s a loss, and I’ll consider the glimpses of other numbers just weight loss in the bank ready to show soon.

A look at the upcoming week :

A “moderate” week – some travel, not too much, to places I know.   I am, however, highly motivated to get a couple of more pounds off before my vacation.  I also felt like I took it pretty easy as far as exercise is concerned this past week, and I’d like to push it so my one “hard” goal this week will be in that area.

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Get Daily (!!!) exercise (6 of 7 days) : But I’m giving myself one “pass” because life is too crazy to not have that option.  I also phrased it so that if all I do is a 10 min yoga video in my hotel room, I still get credit.  Tish gets credit for inspiring me on this one, by the way.  She made a goal to get daily exercise for several months & she lost serious weight doing it!

2) Keep a food journal : staying with the iPhone app and paper when that makes more sense – no need to be prescriptive about it, I’m doing pretty well with eating these days.  I’d like to keep trackin’ the relaxin’ but it’s not a formal goal.  I’m thinking it might be fun to make it a goal for vacation, however, as it should be a nice, long list each day!

3) Figure out my vitamin ROUTINE (and take them daily) : Joy & I are doing this together. This is my third week with this goal, but I’ve been struggling more than I’d like, and as I mentioned above I think one of the reasons is that I don’t have a routine for when I take my vitamins.  I’ve actually been thinking a lot about routines recently, so this seems like a good place to start applying good routine to my life.   It also gives me a place to be accountable to myself on what I decide.

What about you?  Have you thought about how to adjust the week’s plan to what you’re facing?

Do you have any good healthy routines you follow?

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