Weekly weight loss plan for the week of July 26th

July 26, 2010

Assessment of the past week:

Decent.  I enjoyed traveling less.  I enjoyed when I did travel too, which is a good combination.  I went on a really nice walk in Germany, and I had a great session at the gym yesterday.  I had some weird virus Friday and Saturday and felt pretty blah, but still got some exercise both days.  I had a giant ice cream sundae this week and I still can call it a success.  Not bad at all.

8th of June
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How did I do on my weight loss goals this past week?

1) Get Daily (!!!) exercise (6 of 7 days) : Hard but good, I did it! I knew this goal would be tough, and it was.  I also knew it was good motivation and that the week could handle pushing myself, and I was right about that too.  There is something easier about having a commitment to Daily exercise than a few times a week, and that is that the decision is “when” not “if”.  “If” is always a slippery slope – I do much better with “when” and I’m going to try to apply that thinking to days I’ve marked as exercise days.  On Friday I only did 12 anemic minutes on the home elliptical, but hey, PROGRESS, not Perfection, right? (Besides, it makes my count 7 or 7 days).

2) Keep a food journal : Fail. I find keeping a food journal every day for long periods of time to be really stressful.  I think journaling food from time to time is a great strategy, but on a daily basis I find it to be a real drag.  Last week I had an easy time of eating well, and frankly, I didn’t need the mental baggage that comes with tracking my food.  I did track one day of travel (a day when I often need the accountability) but I didn’t do it for the week.  On a positive note, I did keep a running list of daily pleasures which I shared.

3) Figure out my vitamin ROUTINE (and take them daily) : Victory! And Breakfast! Once I wrote down that I had the problem of when to take them, the solution was obvious that very day. Breakfast.  Means they’re onboard for the whole day, and gives me a chance to take them if somehow I forget first thing.  I did forget one breakfast, caught up at lunch.   Joy you’re now on your own this goal is licked.

Weigh-in results :

I am quite pleased, the scale was down -2 to 186 today.

A look at the upcoming week :

Half travel, half home, plus packing.  We leave for vacation on Friday, I have two day trips in the middle of the week (one night away).  Long days all.  Will be busy wrapping up a few things for work, getting things in shape for vacation, packing, cleaning and all that jazz.

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Build the vacation weight plan : As of Friday, we’ll be off for over 3 weeks (gotta love French vacations!).  Danger danger danger!  I need a plan for how to handle this time.  I will report on this later this week.

2) Exercise intensely 4 times this week : (this is the HARD goal).  See that word “Intensely”?  See that we leave on Friday?  See that I start my weeks Mondays?  Yes, this will be a challenge.

3) “Renoncement” (Leave some food uneaten)  at least one meal per day : I’ll come back and write more about this too, but basically, it’s about appreciating the food I eat and stopping before it’s all gone.  It’s something I learned with Dr Hope and something I want to master for long-term weight peace.  I think an excellent time to do this is on vacation, but I need a few days of training wheels first in order to feel comfortable.  The verb in French is “renoncer” which literally means ‘to abandon’ but probably closer is ‘forgo’ or ‘give up’.  I need to write more about this – another topic for later this week.

Do you think about your weight as you head out on vacation?  How do you approach it?

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