Weekly Weight Loss Plan : November 8th

November 8, 2010

Fall is in the air!
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It’s deep into Fall now and I’m loving the crunchy leaves as I walk to the gym and around town.  Yes, I’m back to walking to the gym regularly, I made my “regular exercise” goal this week!

Last week’s goal (Regular Exercise) : DONE!

The strong focus on “Regular Exercise” has been helpful to me, and I will continue to delve deeper into the habit change ideas using this example at least one post a week for the next several weeks.

How will I lose weight in coming weeks & months?

Last week I sat down with my calendar to see how many “focused” weeks I could find on my calendar thinking that I can reasonably plan to lose a pound a week when I’m home, and maintain my weight the weeks I travel.   The resulting answer was frightening – between work and personal trips I have 2 expected full weeks at home through the end of the year.

Pretty fast I saw the struggle I’ve been having all year – I’m usually really home for a solid week only once every 4 weeks or so.  That’s not a lot of opportunity for progress if you take my basic rule of considering loss reasonable only when I’m home into consideration.  (I consider I can usually lose 1 pound a week when I’m home for a week, and I can usually maintain my weight on the road when I travel).

Right now I’m ready to start to think about my weight and my goals and my life some more.   I either accept my weight for a while (since the travel for work is unlikely to slow down for the next 6 months) or  I need to dial things up or down (exercise : up, food : down) to make some progress.   Most of this year has been the same travel schedule — and the same frustration of holding my weight steady but not making any real progress on losing.

Plan for the week :

I’m starting to feel like I can add in again, and the starting point to see what improvements I can make probably needs to start on my diet.  For the past 4 weeks my ONLY goal has been to get regular exercise, but I now have 4 consecutive weeks down, and I think this week I can add a second goal.

Most of the time my diet is on autopilot – I’ve watched my weight for so many years that I deeply know the better and worse choices and these days choose for the better 95% of the time or more without it being much of a battle.

But is my “better” good enough?  Is 95% of the time high enough to allow me to lose weight?  The upside is that I’m really confident of long-term maintenance of this weight or hopefully a lower weight, but the road to get some more pounds off is not looking very favorable right now.

Accordingly, this weeks goals :

1) Get Regular Exercise :  3 x a week when traveling – and we’re going away for a long weekend leaving Thursday

2) Track food intake 2 days this week : (once at home, once on the road).  Yeah, it’s time to go back up the food journal ladder, for a quick look around at reality

What plans do you have to move towards your goals?

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