Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of August 30th

August 30, 2010

End of Vacation & Weigh-In on the DAMAGE:

I walked away...
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My vacation weight-control plan was not to diet.  That is one aspect I achieved with full success.

I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed the pleasures of the summer season.  That too I did quite well.

I wanted to enjoy my vacation – and I did.

I also wanted to keep my weight pretty steady (within one pound) and on that I failed – scale is up 5 pounds.

Of course, the vacation lasted almost 4 weeks, it comprised a birthday, two continents and a lot of new foods in a new region of the world. Until the last week of our trip my eating was pretty well-controlled, although from the beginning exercise was significantly reduced.   In short, there is no surprise in the numbers, and while I’m not thrilled to be up a bit on the scale, I don’t think the damage is massive, and I think by the end of Sept with some concerted effort I should be back to where I was (maybe sooner, but I’m often a slow loser…).

Other good news : getting back on track since we’ve been back has gone smoothly, I’ve been to the gym twice, stocked up on fresh veggies and other healthy staples, and generally am feeling really pleased to be back at it.

Weigh-in results :

Pre-vacation : 186.  Today : 191.

A look at the upcoming week :

I’m home half of the week, have 2 days of travel at the end of the week, which is the best arrangement for me to have several more well-focused days with my kitchen before the inherent challenges of being on the road re-appear.  The house is stocked with healthy foods, we are rested and relaxed, and the weather is still nice.  It’s still summer, but clearly Fall is approaching to.

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Exercise 5 days this week : That’s right, every day except the travel days.  (This is the HARD goal).

2) Track calories one day this week : I don’t intend to go back to full counting mode unless I don’t lose, but one day will help me have that reminder of what each item really brings…

3) “Renoncement” (Leave some food uneaten)  at least one meal per day : This was NOT a success this vacation in general.  It’s a really hard thing for me, in general I eat what’s in front of me.  It’s something I really want to work on, I know that it’s a question of awareness : the more I do it, the more I do it.  I need to train myself on this, and with next week being a full-travel week, I need strategies in place – this could be a good one if I can do it.

What’s your week looking like?

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