Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of March 15th

March 15, 2010

How did the week go?

The week was okay.  The scale is not showing any change, but I’m letting the scale do it’s thing for right now while I just worry about eating well and regular exercise, and I’ll put more emphasis on the scale again in about a month.

I feel like I could have put in more effort overall during the week, but generally things were okay.  The small detours however probably did add up – chocolate that has more sugar than usual (I usually eat very very dark chocolate, and the chocolate I’ve been eating this week is 70% not my usual 85% or 99%).  I had nibbles here and there of other things, and while I exercised regularly, I felt like the intensity early in the week was lacking.  I did better about that this weekend and saw a corresponding increase in sweat.

Last week I had 3 goals :

1) Exercise 4 times this week :  DONE. My progressive goals towards becoming a regular exerciser are paying off.   I now routinely exercise at least 3 times a week, and I’m trying to make that 4 times a week when I don’t travel.  This week I had a one day trip out of town, so I was hoping to surpass the 4 times goal but I didn’t.  Still, it’s success.

2) Try a new food / something I don’t think I like. Not Done. This is one of those goals that sounds fine in theory but falls apart in real life.  I don’t actually want to eat food I don’t like, and why should I want to start to like foods?  I mean, I eat a healthy balanced diet, does it really matter if I don’t like strong fish? I take fish oil capsules to make up for it.  Maybe I’ll try this another time, but right now I have a fair amount of stress going on, I’m not going to add to it at the table.  The goal was an error of judgment.

3) Work on my 100 Things That Make Me Happy List. Underway! I got this started with this blog post last week, and did add a few items to my list.  I’m going to start to publish it in chunks here.  I do think for a weekly goal the daily Relax Report was a better option, however, so that’s what I’m picking up for this coming week.

The Coming Week : Challenges, solutions & focus opportunities :

  • The coming week has plenty of challenges.  Business meetings, travels to places I don’t know (so food will be more challenging) and lots of business meals – mainly lunches. On the road 3 nights, and away for the weekend too after that.
  • Biggest challenge is probably the lunches on the road.  I’ll have to play it by ear and have healthy snacks at hand.  When out at a restaurant it’s usually manageable, but sandwiches in a conference room are not very easy to navigate if you restrict carbs, so I’ll need to see how that goes.  I’ll definitely plan big breakfasts…
  • Exercise this week won’t be stellar.  This is a week where just getting my minimum 3 sessions in will require effort and discipline.
  • Focus opportunities?  Monday.  Everything else will be about doing the best I can.

Goals for this week :

1) Keep a Relax Report. I’m feeling tired today, so I need this goal to get past the inertia that might otherwise show up.

2) Manage the business meals well by eating beforehand, having good snacks with me, and dealing with hunger. If I eat a decent breakfast and have snacks for later, I should be able to make it through any kind of lunch without too much difficulty.

3) Do a new plan just for the weekend.  This week seems hard to me already, I feel overwhelmed when I think about a weekend away at the end of it.  So I’m only thinking through until Friday right now, and then on the flight home Friday I’ll think about the weekend.

What’s your plan for the week?  More challenges? Or more focused?

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