Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of March 8th

March 8, 2010

How did the week go?

All things considered, I had a good week.  I got on the scale today showing no change in my weight, but my body is bloated from monthly hormones & I had a bit of indulgence on Saturday.

It’s Just a Number

Although I suspect the scale might be kinder tomorrow, I decided to just take a flat week on the scale, since it’s just a number & I know that I’m heading in the right direction, even if it’s at a snail’s pace.

My trip to Berlin was nice – nothing spectacular, nothing disastrous.  Food wise we went to a really fabulous restaurant on Friday called Ma, and on Saturday had a “traditional German” nice restaurant (read : heavy, potatoes, pork pork pork & sauerkraut).   It was really cold so we did less walking than I’d hoped, but there was a pool at the hotel so did at least some movement each day.  More meals were on-plan than not, and the treats were kept to a minimum.

Last week I had 3 goals :

1) Keep a food journal : As is often the case when I make this goal, I start out strong & finish weak.  It was VERY helpful the first few days, then got boring, then forgotten.

Paper and Pen is the quicker solution

I still made better choices than I would have without it, but I need to bear in mind in the future that I really only have about 3 days of attention span on this MAX, so to put those days where it counts.  I started the food journal before I even left home, and the first 2 days of my travel were pretty easy meal-wise.  I’d have been better off putting the food journal at the later part of my week.  I also maybe could find quicker and easier ways than the iPhone to do this.  I used Lose It on the iPhone but it takes so long to log everything (no way to copy a previous meal unless you set it up special).  Paper & pen is frankly the quicker solution.  Overall I give myself a weak positive because it did help me and I did do it, but definitely room to improve in the future.

2) Be Prepared Done! I made sure to have healthy snacks with me in my purse, hotel room, bag & focused on tea at coffee breaks.  Making choices of what a ‘standard’ breakfast or lunch was before I was faced with temptation was a big help too.  Made eating healthy and for weight loss pretty easy, took a lot of temptation off the table.  One of those situations where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3) Make a Relax Report. FUN! I did this on paper (unlike the food journal) and enjoyed noting things during boring parts of my meeting.  I brought a candle with me from home, took 2 baths, went swimming, ate chocolate, drank tea & generally just concentrated on my enjoyment and relaxation as much as possible.  Such a nice way to put some “happiness balance” into losing weight.  I really think that linking “relaxing” and “weight loss” in my mind is a powerful trick.

The Coming Week : Challenges, solutions & focus opportunities :

  • The coming week is a pretty normal one.  Mainly at home, quite a few meetings and running around town, a one-day trip (long).
  • Biggest challenge is probably

    The house is not stocked

    that the house is not stocked for healthy eating. We were gone last week, and got home too late on Sunday to stock up, so going into the week with a poorly-stocked kitchen is going to be a challenge.

  • Exercise is planned for most days this week, although I’ll give myself permission to cut one of the morning sessions if I’m too tired.  I do plan a serious-exercise weekend.  I enjoyed swimming last week at the hotel, so I’d like to build on some momentum and head back to the pool in Paris, although not sure when that might happen.
  • Focus opportunities?  A lot.  Most days, most meals, and that won’t be the case next week, so I want to take advantage of it.  Also since I took the flat weight for this week I should see a nice loss next week if I stay the course, so that’s the plan.

Goals for this week :

1) Exercise 4 times this week. I’m feeling tired today, so I need this goal to get past the inertia that might otherwise show up.

2) Try a new food / something I don’t think I like. I had a  colleague report to us last week that if you try something 14 times you grow to at least tolerate it, if not actually like it.  I don’t intend to eat eye of newt or foie gras, but there are a lot of healthy, readily-available foods that I wish I liked that I don’t.  Maybe I can get myself to like (or at least tolerate) some of them.  Will it be a bite of salmon?  Will it be a stinky cheese?  Tune in next week to find out…  I’m only promising to try something ONCE by the way, not FOURTEEN times.

3) Work on my 100 Things That Make Me Happy List.  Details to come in a future post, but I’m going to be writing up my 100+-Things-That-Make-Me-Happy in a series of blog posts.  Iniya is going to join me on this – and we’d love others to play along too!  Having that list of things that make me happy (or that relax me) really helps me put focus on taking care of myself, pampering myself and general enjoyment of life at the same time I’m making the effort to lose weight.  Very good cycle of self-care and self-love.

What’s your plan for the week?  More challenges? Or more focused?

Will you think about joining us in developing a list of 100+ Things That Make You Happy?

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