Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of May 17th

May 17, 2010

How did the week go?

I’m really pleased to have gotten through a solid week of being on-track.   I set my goals very small last week because just “jumping back in” had failed twice since I’d come back from the States. So last Monday I made a plan only through Wednesday, and then planned again Thursday approach to get through the weekend. Both worked out well & this week I can confidently commit to another week.  That’s the success of the babysteps approach – very small achievable goals that build on success.


Down two pounds to 192.  That 189 goal is in sight now

Last week I had 3 goals :

1) Eat healthy but not write things down :  DONE. This approach worked well, as did the addition on Thursday to record & report transgressions, so I’m pulling that forward.  

2) Drink at least 10 glasses of water or herbal tea. DONE. This was an easy way to get an Achievable Goal on the list.  It was also a way to direct my attentions to something other than eating & deprivation – I love teas and most days I made at least 2 big pots of herbal teas to drink – which was a pleasure.  I don’t usually need to focus on being well-hydrated, it’s pretty second-nature, but when I’m off track, focusing on it can be a good babystep to get me back in the game.

3) Weigh in Daily. DONE. I did this to up the attention factor and not let myself lose track of where I am.  Still, I got a little freaked out on the days when the scale jumped up for no apparent reason, and while I’m willing to keep this focus a little while longer I suspect I’ll ditch daily weighing pretty soon.

The Coming Week : Challenges, solutions & focus opportunities :

  • Now that I’m back on track, I’m going back to my weekly planning routine.  So looking at the specifics of what this week holds.
  • I was expecting to be on the road all week but late last week the trip got canceled so I’m home (yeah!).  This weekend is another long weekend & we’re going to our summer place in the South of France with a friend.  It’s our place so I should be able to mainly find foods that suit me, but I’m sure there will be challenges along the way – there always are!
  • Since I think this ‘back on track’ thing is still pretty fragile I’m being careful to slowly ramp up my goals, so only one is going to change this week.

Goals for this week :

1) Eat healthy but not write things down.  Report all deviations in the blog.

2) Weigh in daily.

3) Exercise three times this week. Yes, I’m ready to go back to exercise!  I’ve actually missed it a lot & yesterday writing my goals & realizing that the biggest goal is around being fit for our summer vacation in Alaska meant that this goal has to get moving.  I actually started exercising last week without it being a goal, so I’m comfortable I can do this. Mainly I want to be walking – Springtime in Paris is magical & as long as it’s not raining it should be fun.  I’ll probably also go to the gym (elliptical) at least once.

What’s your plan for the week?


Spring Focus Announcements :

As mentioned above, it’s not to late for you to join (someone else joined yesterday) – just comment here.

Weekly Success Tracking (more than weight by popular demand) will be collected on today via a form which I will email you.  If you don’t receive it please check your spam filters & then leave me a comment.

Disclaimer : This form is an experiment so if it doesn’t work we’ll figure out something else.

Your Weekly Goals : let’s have everyone keep their WEEKLY goals on their own blog.  I posted yesterday about the overarching goals we each have for Spring Focus (if you don’t see yours, leave a comment!).

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