Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of November 15th

November 15, 2010

When In Rome Italy, eat Pasta, Pizza and Gelato

fullonica di stephanus [laundry of stephanus] 3.14.10 - 52

Last week was really nice – after being home for several days continuously, we went away to Italy for a long weekend to visit Pompeii.

As an American I’m always impressed by the really ancient stuff – since US history only goes back a few hundred years, and the native populations go back further but never developed the same kinds of world-changing philosophy and scientific learning that the ancient Greeks & Romans did.

Highly recommended : If you ever have a change to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum DO IT.   I travel a lot and there are lots of nice places I’ve seen, but actually being in these destroyed ancient cities is amazing.

A Break From Regular Controlled Eating- WORTH IT!

One of my key travel weight loss strategies (well, these days just weight maintenance strategies) is to eat the same breakfast on the road as at home – but that can be challenging in less-expensive hotels in Europe (where breakfast is just breads and jams) and so I saw pretty fast the challenges before me.  The hotel breakfast was lousy quality everything – but good pastries (and excellent espresso) was just around the corner.  The choice was easy.

We were in the Naples region, the birthplace of Pizza.  The pasta is legendary, and I had the best lemon sorbet in my life (had it twice, just to be sure!).

I determined that with a lot of effort I could have made it through the trip sticking to my diet, but it would have been hard and would have meant going to the grocery store daily.

Intentional loosening of control

I also have a number of more trips between now and the end of the year (some work, some personal) and overall I need to keep the lid on things but real “Pizza in Italy” sounds more “worth it” than whatever temptations will be before me in Dublin…  And with work travel I’m a pro now at finding the good choices (and paying the €25 hotel breakfast charge).

I know my self-control muscles risked to be exhausted without a little detour, and this short Italian trip seemed the perfect compromise.  Life is short, and passing up the chance to taste pizza in Naples just seemed dumb.

One more day

In fact, today (Monday) will be one more day of off-plan eating.  I have a business dinner in Switzerland and we’re going to a top fondue restaurant (cheese only, it’s not like Melting Pot in the US) and I’ve been coming to Switzerland for work off and on for about a year and it will be my first fondue.  It’s a dinner I can’t really avoid (one of my on-the-road weight loss strategies) and it’s one that’s a group thing with a set menu, so avoiding the fondue would be socially awkward and leave me starving – in short, I’m planning to have the fondue.

Wrap up of last week’s goals

1) Exercise regularly : Done, exceeded even – thanks to tons of walking around the archeological sites and some concerted efforts to get in gym sessions too.

2) Keep a food journal two days : partly – I did one… better than nothing, but it’s a pretty lame showing, especially since that “one” day was on Sunday just before reporting in, and began with “Italian Pastry” and ended with “tiramisu”…

This week’s plans :

I’m planning for a very focused week after Monday.  The craziness stops after fondue (and is not planned to be a day-long affair either – just the fondue).

It’s another travel week and so officially the exercise target is 3 sessions, but I’m going to do my best to get in 4 – a stretch, but possible.

This week’s goals :

1) Get regular exercise – at least 3 but hopefully 4 sessions

2) Food and pleasures journal on Tuesday (normal work day while traveling) and Friday (normal work day not traveling).  Being more specific now about which days might help me not put it off (and do it on days when it matters) and adding in the pleasures should make it more fun.

Getting Ready to Get Serious

Meanwhile really am getting ready to get not only back on track but even get serious. My preoccupations for the past several months are falling into manageable things, and the job, while still busy, is starting to be more of a known quantity,  and thus more manageable.

Weigh in coming next Monday

Next Monday will be a public weigh in, and I’ll take the number I get and move on from there… I’m maybe a little in denial about a few pounds gained in the past few weeks (eek, that “Intuitive Weight Loss” thing…) and this weekend obviously didn’t help.

A few days of being back on track this weekend should get any excess bloat off before next Monday, and then I’m just sucking it up with a new starting number – because otherwise I’ll spend weeks trying to get back to an imagined number in my head before I “start losing”.

Creative Commons License photo credit: laura padgett

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