Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of November 1st

November 1, 2010

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Check in on Intuitive Weight Loss

Six weeks ago I started a little experiment with “intuitive weight loss“.

It has not been a rip-roaring success.

I don’t have a scale where I am today, but I’m clear that if my weight has moved, it’s not in the downward direction.  Last I checked it was up a few pounds, and while this week has been better, from the fit of my clothes and my rings, at best we’re back at the starting point.

Good outcome : back to Regular Exercise

One good thing that has come out of it is I’ve finally gotten back to regular exercise.

I thought about it.  I wrote about it.  I finally actually started doing it.

It’s still early – I can only count 3 weeks of success, but 3 weeks is 2 weeks more than I’ve managed to string together in quite a while.

Back to Weekly Plans & Check Ins

Still, I’ve decided to end this little experiment.  I miss the structure of my weekly check-in and weekly plans.

I’m also starting to feel ready to get a little more serious about losing weight again.  I’m glad to be feeling this – it’s that “getting ready” feeling I’ve had before almost every successful weight loss period in my life.

A year ago I had a hysterectomy

This week will mark one year since my hysterectomy.  I’m completely recovered, all testing is fine, and basically I’m glad it’s behind me.

I’ve managed to maintain my weight this year despite some challenging circumstances (high travel job, vacations, heartbreak) and that’s a quite an accomplishment.

I’ve learned a lot about maintenance

The fact that I managed to keep my weight within a narrow range all year gives me a lot of hope for the future.

These past 6 weeks I’ve not thought about my weight much at all, and it hasn’t moved much either.  If I’m trying to lose, that’s not good, but for maintenance it’s perfect.

To lose more, I’ll need to do more

Part of me is wishing I’d gotten it together to lose more this year, but in the end I think I did okay.  In order not to be looking at the end of 2011 at the same size I’ll need to do something different, however.  I can’t pretend that I can do the same things and get a different result.  I’ll need to do some things differently in the future.

Maintenance wasn’t the ideal I set for myself for this year, but many of us on the weight-loss journey know that often our weight is either going UP or going DOWN so actually being stable at a lower weight is a really good thing.  I lost 35 pounds in 2009 and have kept my weight stable since, and that’s no small accomplishment.

This week’s plans :

For the past several weeks I made ONE goal only because I really needed to focus to get this regular exercise thing going.  It’s still fragile, and I’m sticking to that strategy.

1) Exercise Regularly (3 x a week in a travel week, and it’s a travel week).

Specifically :

– Gym on Tuesday

– Gym or walking or in-room exercise Wednesday, Thursday OR Friday

– Gym on weekend (ideally both, but one will make the goal)

Next week I’ll weigh in (we’re away for the weekend right now with no scale!)

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