Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of November 29th

November 29, 2010

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A quick post for the upcoming week’s plan

Last week I didn’t post my plan because I wanted to kick off the “No Gain Holidays” support process (you can still join).

I actually had a really good, really focused week.

I was home for the whole week for a change, and able to have a really good week both for eating (eating almost every meal at home sure makes it easier) and also for exercise (having more control over my daily schedulea also makes it easier).

Weigh in : -2 pounds which I’m really happy about

This week’s landscape :

Travel Monday-Wednesday and really intense, long days all 3 days.

Back home Thursday-Friday but I expect the work will still be intense.  I can count on making time for exercise one of those days – my stretch objective will be for both, but it is a stretch, I suspect I’ll come back tired from my trip & with an expanding to-do list…

Goals for the week :

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week in a travel week).  This will be week 8! How good is that???

2) Track calories on 2 days, one day traveling, one day home.  I did this for 2 days this week and was SHOCKED to see how fast those little suckers add up.  You’d think I haven’t spent almost half of my adult life counting… I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, nothing brings you back to reality like counting!  So I’m pretty high up my food journal ladder (not weighing, so there’s still a level of neurosis I’m not taking) and I’m not doing it daily, but its still eye-opening and probably just what I needed.

I plan to get off another couple of pounds before Christmas – since the baby is on the way I’m feeling mighty motivated to get some of this weight off before the arrival.

What are your plans for the week?

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