Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 13th

September 13, 2010

Life is busy!  I am busy!

Traffic ?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael Loke
I almost didn’t get to this weekly plan at all, and my blogging rhythm has been messed up by a busy new job.

No matter – I’m here now.

Last week was not stellar

It was not bad considering everything else I had going on, but not great and certainly not enough to lose weight.  I had several wrong turns.  The good news is that I had many more good turns and was mainly back on track, but a lot of faltering.

I didn’t do well on my goals, let’s leave it at that, and because I can see I’m not able to move forward fast right now, I’m setting this week’s goals as a bit of back-to-basics.

This week’s goals :

1) Exercise regularly (4x a week when traveling, 3x a week when home).  I’m traveling (again)

2) Enjoy life’s daily pleasures

3) Leave something uneaten (making some progress on this, in fact!)

What are you planning?

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