Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 20th

September 20, 2010

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Regular Rhythm Again

I’m back more or less to a regular rhythm again.  It’s always hard to find a new equilibrium when my life changes, but I think I’ve found a new balance.

Right now, it’s not a very fast weight-loss pace, but it once again gives me comfort that the “maintenance” phase can be done pretty easily.   I’m slowly drifting down in weight – not fast, but it’s going in the right direction.

My weight loss plan for the past few weeks has been more like a weight-maintenance plan.  I generally make a lot of good choices and a few not-so-good ones, plus one or two downright bad.  In all, it’s been balancing out on the scale.  It’s also been congruent with my strong desire to keep my weight battles from adding stress to my life – and that’s why I’m happy to be at almost-the-same weight.

Over the weekend I caught this post by Karen (who made a guest post @ Miz Fit) about how she needs moderation in moderation.  The post made me realize that I’m really lucky to have evolved my thinking about my weight to a point where I can find so much peace where others really struggle.  My approach for the past few weeks (years???) has been one of wholeheartedly embracing moderation and walking the line between wrong turns and many more right ones.  In the article, Karen writes : “I will eventually come up with a livable, lifelong plan that I can and will stick to” which I hope she does, but for me it’s not a single plan that’s doing it – it’s a the PROCESS of constant re-adjustment that seems to be the livable plan.  I’m not a big believer in making “lifelong” plans since I think our lives change & we change & so anything we decide right now for our lives right now is likely to need tweaks (or complete upheaval) in the future.

Check in on Goals :

I had 3 goals for the week :

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week when traveling, 4x a week when home). 3 times (travel week).  I managed 3 sessions via some miracle (well, actually by counting 2 days with lots of walking as “exercise”).

2) Enjoy life’s daily pleasures. Done, but not every day. I mean, sure I enjoyed things daily, but not as much as I would if I paid more attention.  On certain days I did pay more attention.

3) Leave something uneaten Making progress. Again – not every day, but it is definitely getting easier.  I made this amazing and totally created-on-my-own chicken with vanilla bean recipe last night & actively chose to leave the “something” as a vegetable not the chicken because it was so good.  I felt at that moment that I was making progress – still managed to leave something on my plate, but also was able to say “THIS is worth finishing!”).

Weigh-in :

Scale today says 188.  Still 2 pounds above my pre-vacation weight, but down several pounds from where I was when I came home.  Given the fact that I’ve mainly been learning a new equilibrium for a different schedule, I’m okay with it – though very motivated to get both back to that pre-vacation number and even more motivated to get out of the 180s altogether. 2011 MUST be about my battles in the 170s and 160s, I need to be finished with this decade by then.

Plans for the week :

It’s another full travel week.  Will pack the gym stuff – might even use it.   Different location for 4 days than my usual haunts, so food, exercise etc could all be extra challenging.

In general I feel pretty good about the plan from the past few weeks, so I’m keeping the goals and making ONE change : I’m writing things down.  I’m taking a new pretty little notebook with me and one side of the page will have food, the other side will have Pleasures, and I’ll circle what I’ve not finished off completely each day.  If I exercise, I’ll write that down too.  One notebook, one double-page spread per day, one pretty simple approach to weave in the exercise & “renouncement” work too.

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week when traveling, 4x a week when home).  I’m traveling (yet again)

2) Record food & life’s daily pleasures

3) Leave something uneaten


What do you have planned for the week?

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