Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 27th

September 27, 2010

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No Place Like Home

This week I’m home all week & am so very grateful.

It’s good for my spirit, good for my marriage, and good for my weight loss too.

The menu for the week is planned (and largely prepped), the gym playlists & movies are loaded up, stacks of magazines for relaxing time await.

I intend to take advantage of the increased control over my diet (and to some extent my schedule) to have a very focused weight-loss week.

Scale over the weekend gave me glimpses of a lower number, but nothing that wanted to show it’s head today.  I want lower numbers next Monday.

Check in on Goals :

I had 3 goals last week :

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week when traveling, 4x a week when home). 3 times (travel week).  Failed. I might add that I was sick, had a nasty cold virus all week and was overrun by deadline-driven projects at work, so I was working very long hours and feeling under the weather & I felt I’d be setting myself up for a winter of non-stop colds if I didn’t listen to my body and back down.  I probably should have forced myself yesterday because I felt 90% better, but decided that I’d indulge the laziness & start back today.

2) Record food & life’s daily pleasures This went well – except on the weekend.  I often do fine with this Monday-Friday and then fade out on Friday and don’t think again of it until Monday morning.  I’m giving myself the credit here, because 5 days is sure better than none and my motto is “PROGRESS, not Perfection”.  Still, I wonder if it would help me on the weekends to do this too…

3) Leave something uneaten Making progress. I found a good way to incorporate this into my daily reporting (I put a small circle next to any item I didn’t completely finish).  It’s not becoming a “habit” or a “reflex” but it is becoming more routine.  I think to make significantly more progress I’ll need to dive back into the thinking behind this again to get clear on what I’m trying to accomplish here.  For now though, it’s fine.

Plans for the week :

In general I feel pretty good about this plan I’ve been following, so I’m keeping it the same again.  Emphasis this week will be on actually getting in the exercise & a much better eating environment.  I’m pretty talented at finding decent choices on the road, but that’s still a tougher game than eating at home.  This week should only have a few meals out.

I’m sticking with the same way of writing things down last week’s approach was nice.

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week when traveling, 4x a week when home).  I’m NOT traveling, woo-hoo!

2) Record food & life’s daily pleasures (and try for the weekend too…)

3) Leave something uneaten


What do you have planned for the week?

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