Weekly Weight Loss Plan : Week of September 6th

September 6, 2010

Getting back on track

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Last week I reported that my post-vacation weigh-in showed a 5 pound gain.  It could have been worse, of course – after all, it was a 4 week vacation spanning 2 continents.

The biggest victory actually is that I was able to immediately get back on track with eating (and to a lesser degree, exercise).

The focus continued all week, and was fairly effortless.  One nice thing about coming home after a lot of travel is that you’re always happy to have simple meals again, and you’re usually happy to cook your own way.  That’s been true for me this time around.

I also kept the scale in the closet, because after that first check in I knew I needed to buckle down, and since I recently made a three year commitment to manage my weight, the exact weight on the scale on a given day doesn’t really matter, and I didn’t want to fall into an obsessive dieting mood.  I could tell things were going in the right direction – one of my rings that I wear regularly had been getting loose before my vacation & was firmly anchored for most of my trip, and it’s started moving back towards loose again.

Unexpected weekend away

My husband surprised me with an unexpected weekend away this week.  Not far away, but it meant that I didn’t go home between my business trip late last week and leaving again for a week of travel, and it means, moreover, that I didn’t have access to a scale.  So, no weigh-in this week.  It’s good – it gives me two weeks to get some of that vacation gain off before checking in again.

We were at a lovely chateau about an hour and a half outside of Paris – a great opportunity to practice “leave something uneaten” because it had a nice restaurant & we took the tasting menu on Saturday night (6 courses).   The weekend was a nice celebration of France & the luxuries here (great food, lovely old chateaus and some really nice wines).  My husband really likes to travel, but he also loves to come home, and often our big trips are followed by some deep immersion in the wonders of France (I’m not complaining!).
I did quite well on the food – there were plenty of reasonably healthy choices and at the tasting dinner I didn’t like the desserts so having just a bite of those was more than enough.   I faltered a bit on wine on Saturday – it’s hard to pass up really good wines when we have them, and I didn’t.  Followers of my blog know that we tend to hit a really fancy restaurant with really good food and wine a couple of times a year, and my “low stress weight loss” approach to such opportunities is to enjoy them reasonably (not go overboard) and then happily pay the price by several days of being extra strict to compensate.  A really great meal is worth three or four days of reigning it in for me, and that’s the approach I took this weekend.

Check in on last week’s goals :

1) Exercise 5 days this week : FAIL. I actually had failed this goal before the weekend, but the weekend pushed it further.  The goal was a stretch because it required exercise every day I wasn’t traveling, and I skipped one day during the week, but the weekend away was also exercise-free…

2) Track calories one day this week : YES! I was pleasantly surprised at this because I often resist counting and tracking as too much pressure.  I don’t know why the idea of doing it only one day popped into my mind, but it was a great idea – it brought back the awareness, and then I was done with it.

3) “Renoncement” (Leave some food uneaten) at least one meal per day :  PROGRESS! I’m really pleased with this.  I still have a ways to go for this to be habit – several times this week I looked down at my plate and realized it was all gone before I’d remembered the goal, but I also had several instances of catching myself early enough, and found that success begat success on this goal.  It’s far from being a natural reflex for me to say “how much of this will I eat?” but it’s at least going in the right direction and encouraging, because as I suspected it’s pulling a lot of other mindful eating habits along with it.

Weigh-in results :

No scale, no weigh in until next Monday.

A look at the upcoming week :

Vacation now firmly behind me, it’s full-on back at it for another week.  Last week I was fully back at work and started back to travel, but this week is a full week of travel and meetings and business lunches and dinners.  Getting all my work done after sitting in meetings all day will be a challenge. Sleep will be a challenge.  Exercise will be a challenge.  This will not be an easy week – luckily I’m in a hotel where walking paths are nearby and there is supposedly a gym, so I’m at least bringing my gym stuff in hopes of using it at least once.

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Exercise 3 days this week : One of these days has to be while traveling, which will be a challenge, and then it requires both weekend days.  If I get more in during the week, there’s a possibility I’ll be able to cut myself some slack on the weekend.  (This is the HARD goal).

2) Track calories one day this week : This worked well last week, so I’m going to stick with it again.  In general it would be a great habit to always count on one day of the week.  I don’t intend to go back to full counting mode unless I don’t lose, but one day will help me have that reminder of what each item really brings…

3) “Renoncement” (Leave some food uneaten)  at least one meal per day : Definitely keeping this one in play – I think this week I’ll keep track of how many days I hit this as a once-a-day goal, and in the future I might start to track meal by meal.  his was NOT a success this vacation in general.  It’s a really hard thing for me, in general I eat what’s in front of me.  It’s something I really want to work on, I know that it’s a question of awareness : the more I do it, the more I do it.  I need to train myself on this, and with next week being a full-travel week, I need strategies in place – this could be a good one if I can do it.

What’s your week looking like?

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