Weeks 2 & 3 Wahls Paleo Plus

April 28, 2014

Another two weeks of Wahls Paleo Plus (WPP) , and also another couple of the AIP reintroductions. Basically I’ve been eating AIP plus WPP this month (and will for the whole of the month) with the exception of days when I reintroduce. I moved the reintro schedule to every 4 days instead of every 5 because well, I’d like to go a little faster, and everything I’ve read said you need 72 hours after a reintro so there wasn’t much need for more.

New Reintroductions :
1) SESAME (tested with tahini) : FAILED – major GI upset for about 18 hours after a couple of tablespoons. I was kinda bummed, but it was also kind of nice to find out that all this elimination and careful reintroduction can actually detect a real problem. I’ll re-challenge both sesame oil and sesame seeds at some point

2) COFFEE : went ok. Now time will tell if this can actually be okay as a regular thing. I’ve sorely missed bulletproof coffee (BPC) since going AIP. Not so much missing the caffeine (I still drink lots of tea) as much as I really had liked how the BPC kept me going for several hours and made intermittent fasting a breeze. Since in Wahls Paleo Plus we are supposed to do intermittent fasting, it’s been a challenge (that I rarely win) so I’ve been itching to try it again with BPC. So far, 2 days of BPC seem fine, and for sure it’s making morning fasting go much smoother. It might allow me to shave a bit of calories, which is also probably needed.

3) MUSTARD : recent, but seems to have gone fine. And it tasted heavenly after many weeks without. Not that I usually use a lot, but it will be nice to have it to give depth of flavor to sauces and to add to vinaigrettes (plus when I’m eating out it’s useful, either for a plain steak or for restaurant-made vinaigrette)

Regularly consuming the high-quality butter again now (possibly a bit too much of this actually, see below about coconut oil) and black pepper is now happily on everything.

Update on the Wahls Paleo Plus (WPP) portion :

I got burned out from tracking this week. I had logged all my food since Valentine’s day, and frankly I’ve never loved tracking. This week I started by skipping half days and catching up, then skipping whole days and catching up, and then stopped the catching up. It’s fine, the tracking helped when I needed it, and I’ll move back to tracking a couple of days per week (to keep it real) but not everyday (which makes me want to rebel).

I have found I need to do a lot more PLANNING (and I’m already a planner) to make WPP work. That said, I try to batch-cook and I’m the only one in my household eating this way, and I rely heavily on leftovers. So I plan out my veggie categories meal by meal for about 3 days a couple of times a week (and shop/cook/prep to make it happen).

Here’s what I’m trying to do every day :

The things that have been pretty easy :
– DAILY BERRIES (yum!!! This is one of the best things about WPP. I buy fresh berries a couple of times a week, and many days make a batch of frozen berries / coconut kefir / gelatin with my stick blender & eat it up like ice cream. I now have 3 kinds of berries in my freezer (raspberries, mixed berries & wild blueberries)

– BONE BROTH – this will require a little adjustment if I succeed with the intermittent fasting, as my breakfast for the past few weeks has been bone broth soup – will try moving it to dinner or lunch now…

– The VEGGIE REQUIREMENTS – this took some getting used to, to know which veg fit which category (Color, Greens & Sulfur) and to plan my shopping and cooking accordingly. But I have adjusted my soups to be mainly a mix of greens & sulfur (so one serving of each there) and berries are one serving of color, so then I have just 1 serving of each to work into my day. On color, I’ve done well with asparagus season and artichokes and have been making several raw-veg salads (cucumber salad, grated carrot salad, raw broccoli salad) that I usually eat at lunch or a family starter for dinner. And I’ve just been buying more greens and sautéeing or steaming them and adding a bit to my plate and that works fine. If anything, most days I’m probably a serving over my 6 cups.

– FERMENTED FOODS : found salt-cured (fermented) pickles at my market, that’s been a big help. My first sauerkraut is done, but I keep forgetting to eat it. The coconut milk kefir has become a staple, and it’s quite good.
– Tracking ketones : has been fine. I bought myself a Ketonix (breath ketone analyzer) and have started playing with that. I think it might help fine-tune whether my meals are too high in carbs… in particular those raw-carrot/beet salads…

– MODERATE PROTEIN : I’ve recently analyzed my days and saw that the “extra” protein above my 65g target is actually coming from the extra veggies, so I’m not sweating it for now. I’m well within the (relatively vague) Wahls recommendation, towards the low end, as I want to be.

Need to work on :

– Intermittent Fasting & 2 Meals Per Day & Snacking : I’ve done ok on meeting the 12 hour minimum but struggled to get beyond that. And then when I ate it often didn’t feel like enough and I’d be hungry later, making 2 meals per day (and no snacks) basically impossible. I had more success in the past with IF when I was using bulletproof coffee (before AIP) so I moved up the reintroduction of coffee and am trying it that way. If I can skip breakfast by just having BPC and then have a decent sized lunch I think I’ll be able to do a longer fasting period and cut the snacking from 3x a week to 1x a week, and shorten my eating window, and probably shave the day’s calories back a bit. I’m only on day 2 of the BPC approach (and I really didn’t like bulletproof tea) so we will see how this goes.

– Coconut oil (and equivalents) & Calories : I’m still running one or two servings short of my 5 Tablespoon target most days. Part of that is because Butter is back in use, edging out coconut oil for some cooking applications. I broke down and made lemon coconut fat bombs which are fine and boost the coconut oil intake if I’m 2 servings low. But I’ve been hungry a lot on WPP (in particular in afternoons when I want a snack or mini-meal) and yet my calories are slightly above what my target is, so I’ve been hesitant to add more coconut oil just to tick the box. Hoping that this new BPC/intermittent fasting tweak will help even all this out. At least how I’ve planned this in my mind I should be at 4 coconut oil servings most days, and if I snack on coconut chips (or add them to a meal, at the end) that should push me to 5… Again, using the Ketonix multiple times a day to see if specific meals/foods are helping or hurting ketosis should help me fine-tune this. That’s what I see as the big advantage of the Ketonix, by the way.

– Still need to work on the seaweed. I’ve found the tolerable flakes, but it’s not a pleasure & I sometimes forget them.

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