July 16, 2007

I weighed in at 184.4 this morning on the fancy scale.

That is up about a pound from last week, but down a little from some of what I’ve seen during the week.

My fancy scale (which my sister brought me from the US 5 weeks ago) calculates hydration, bone mass, and body fat in addition to weight. I don’t know what the hydration matters, and the bone mass is certainly not accurate (nor is it something controllable) but the body fat is interesting. My body fat percentage, according to the machine, is 34.9%. Which sounds better than 35% but still sounds pretty damn fat.

Turns out “normal” body fat for a woman is 20-25%. So, I’m about 50 pounds overweight, and at least 10% overfat. According to BMI charts I leave “Obese” and enter “Overweight” at 178 pounds.  But I found this site that looks at body fat percentages, and it looks like the classification for “obese” varies at each weight, depending on waist size.  Given that I am an “apple” (I carry a lot of my weight in my belly) it looks like it will be even longer to get out of “Obese” in body-fat-percentage-land.

I need to be very focused this week to drop 1-2 pounds before leaving for the US. Our big party to celebrate our wedding for our American friends & family is in 2 weeks, and the dress fits best below 183. And we have 4 days in New York City to get through before heading to my hometown, and I doubt that those are the days I’ll be able to drop a few pounds, so the goal this week is to try to drop back down, and next week (on vacation) to really make decent choices so I can stay the same.

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