Weight Loss Plan : week of July 12th

July 12, 2010

Assessment of the past week:

Being home for a whole week makes a big difference – it’s SO MUCH easier to eat well & exercise regularly when you can control your environment (I’m not the only one who thinks so)!  I’d like to think if I had this kind of schedule all the time I’d lose much faster, but the truth is when I’ve had the stable environment I found different excuses…

How did I do on my weight loss goals this past week?

1) Keep a food journal : Bravo! I did it with the iPhone with the Lose It! application.  I even enjoyed it, in fact, probably because it was new (because as the week wore on I enjoyed it less).  Still, such a huge eye-opener.  All those insidious ways that the extras just slip in that you really don’t notice until you input everything into some system where the tally goes up and up and up.  No question about it, I ate less this week than I usually do, because I was tracking.  I had categorized this as a HARD goal & it was, but not unbearable, and it was a good reality check.My New iPhone 4 Arrived today! - June 29, 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: Patrick Hoesly

2) Get regular exercise this week (4 times) : Exceeded! Exercise was great this week.  I’ve reached a real fitness point where progress is fun and I’m getting a kick out of seeing progression in the heart rate recovery.  I’m also doing more hard treadmill walking (faster, higher incline) to get ready for hiking in August.

3) Take my vitamins each day all week Tuesday-Sunday : Yes! I struggled with this being irregular for a while (and Monday, note the clever wording of this goal 😉 ) but making it a goal made it work again, and I made it through the rest of the week with a perfect record.

Weigh-in results :

Strange.  I got on the scale over the weekend & it was down, and then this morning it was up… normally I would do a do-over for tomorrow (when Monday’s number doesn’t look good I allow myself to try again on Tuesday, then I suck it up).  But I’m traveling, so this week I’m going to say flat at 189.

A look at the upcoming week :

A high-travel week, in addition to the transition to a new job, which will mean doing both the new and the old jobs for a little while.  This will not be an easy week for losing weight.  Since the plan for last week worked well in relatively easy circumstances, I’m just carrying it forward one more week, no changes, except a special “stretch” goal to list my pleasures of the week in addition to the food log.   The real challenge will be doing the same good things with a more challenging schedule.

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Keep a food journal : staying with the iPhone app, that worked this week, should work next. STRETCH Goal to add in trackin’ the relaxin’ but if I don’t manage to do it, that’s okay.

2) Get regular exercise this week (3+ times) : I’m back to thinking in terms of “regular” exercise which for me means at least 4 times a week when I’m home, and at least 3 times a week when I travel.  For fitness progression, I’d really like to be on the side of 4 or more this week, but given what I’ll be facing I’ll give myself a pass if I hit 3 times.  Of course, I’m always motivated to be an overachiever!

3) Take my vitamins each day : Joy & I are doing this together and I’d like this to become SOLID habit again, so it will figure on the weekly goals again this week.  It’s a Pass or Fail based on all 7 days this week.  If I miss one day, I’ll mark it in red.

What about you?  Have you thought about how to adjust the week’s plan to what you’re facing?

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