Weight Loss Plan : week of July 5th

July 6, 2010

Guess who’s sportin’ a new purse?

Yup, I reached 189 today!  I used my “do-over” weigh in after yesterday’s crazy early wake-up, and the scale was solidly at 189.  I even have photographic evidence :

I’m thrilled.  Yesterday I posted this slightly premature “Dear John” letter about ending my love affair with the 190s but wasn’t sure I’d actually make it to my weight loss goal this week, but I did!

Assessment of the past week:

So what is interesting is that I had a good week, lost some weight, met the goal, ended Spring Focus but still miserably failed one of my weekly goals.  I mean big-time.

How did I do on my weight loss goals this past week?

1) For SIX days, keep a simple paper food & Relaxing journal : MISERABLE FAILURE. I mean bad. I didn’t track a SINGLE day last week.  I kept saying I should, kept not doing it.  I even gave myself a break and said “six” days instead of “seven” but it didn’t help.   And yet I was really wanting to keep a tight rein on my eating so that I could push through to the end of Spring Focus with a strong finish.  I’m quite disappointed in myself.

2) Exercise 5 times this week, adding 5 minutes to usual time : Did it! I notice serious improvements in my fitness now.  I’m back to the levels of intensity I was at before the IVF this Spring.  Five sessions was stretch but a good one, and the extra time felt good.

So one hard goal accomplished, one hard goal completely ignored.  Maybe the lesson here is only one hard goal at a time? Ya think?

A look at the upcoming week :

This is a fairly easy week.  For once the meetings that keep me living on airplanes are taking place in Paris, so I’ll be pretty busy but sleeping in my own bed.  I had a killer day yesterday – up at 4:30am for a flight, and home after 10pm.  Seriously sucks for a Monday, but now I’m really clear that if I have meetings at that time in the future I will come in the night before.

All in all this will be a fairly “normal” week so I’m going to immediately apply the lesson from last week and take ONE hard goal & two easy ones for this week :

Weight loss plan goals for this week :

1) Keep a food journal : maybe with relaxing, that’s fine, but let’s put the focus squarely where it needs to be : the wake-up call to reality that nothing can give you like tracking every morsel that crosses your lips.  For one week.  This is the HARD goal

2) Get regular exercise this week (4 times) : I think I’ve focused on exercise for enough weeks that I can start to make this about my “regular” exercise again.  I should post soon on becoming a regular exerciser, what that means to me, and the fact that I did it for 6 months but broke it this Spring.   This is an EASY goal, although I’m hoping I exceed it by doing more than the minimum.

3) Take my vitamins each day all week Tuesday-Sunday : (I already missed Monday).  Joy & I are doing this together – we started last week & it was great, the only day I missed was my super-long day yesterday, and I’m giving myself a pass on that…


Spring Focus update :

Reporting is open until Wednesday midnight, and I’ll report on group progress on Thursday.

I’m so excited to see how everyone did!

What’s your plan for a good week?

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