Weight Loss Plan : week of June 28th

June 29, 2010

Assessment of the past week:

I am quite frustrated with my weight right now – despite a pretty decent weekend and a very good week, my weight is not moving down.

That purse I have set as my motivation & reward for breaking 190 will have to wait another week. Drat, I would have liked to take it on this week’s travels, too.

I did fairly well on my goals but I suspect that difference between “fairly well” and “VERY well” is in fact where the difference lies between weight loss & frustration at a plateau.

I also wonder how much might be psychologically-induced – after all there is another week left in Spring Focus and I do want to push to finish strong.

As you can see, I moved blogs this weekend. It was time consuming and fairly technical but not that hard. The weekend was pretty much like that – lots of things to do, most of them not so fun but necessary, and pretty good but not perfect. Describes the activities, the social engagements, what I ate, my exercise, all of it.

How did I do on my goals this past week?

1) For SEVEN days, keep a simple paper food journal : FAIL. I did fine on the road, now that for several weeks I’ve been keeping that paper journal with me on the road. It gives me something to do having breakfast or dinner by myself, or when I’m spending a few minutes on a teleconference & going through my purse. Had the goal been the same as other weeks I’d have made it, but I dropped the tracking when I was home on Friday, and didn’t pick it up all weekend. Since the goal was to get myself to pay attention to this both at home AND on the road, I failed to meet this goal.

2) For SEVEN days, keep a pleasure journal : FAIL. So I really think this pairing of pleasure & food tracking is a good thing for me, but the pairing meant that missing this on one item meant I missed it on both. I did enjoy pleasures this weekend (I’m pretty sure) but can’t recall them as clearly now as I would have had I written them down… This goal will repeat.Again, done on the road. As mentioned above, I’d like to move doing this to 7 days a week for a while to see what it adds.

3) Exercise at least 4 times this week : I did FIVE! I knew I could do four, and the “at least” was a challenge to myself to step it up. I did.

And the weigh-in for the week?

-193 : Stalled if I am very generous, up 3 which I think is a fluke. I am usually a slow loser and it’s not unusual for me to follow a steady drop by some steady stalling weeks, so it’s not a big surprise, but it is annoying. I have that goal to get to 189 in my sights and I’m getting tired of all this dilly-dallying around with the low 190s. I will, however, look on the bright side & recognize that still reaching for that goal definitely kept me on track this weekend, and also keeps me motivated to hit it hard this week (for the end of Spring Focus) so I think in the end it’s not all bad.

A look at the upcoming week :

This week is a “light” travel week – only one night away (two long days). I’m thrilled! Should be good for the exercise & diet to have more time at home.

Goals for this week :

1) For SIX days, keep a simple paper food & Relaxing journal : starting it on Tuesday, ending it on Sunday. Combining it together officially to be just the one assignment (both Food journal & log of my Relaxing/Pleasures activities). Six days. Reported on here maybe to up the accountability…

2) Exercise 5 times this week, adding 5 minutes to usual time : Ok, putting on the pressure for myself to turn it up a notch. FIVE sessions will be a hard goal but it’s the final week of Spring Focus & I want that darn purse. Adding 5 minutes (or some ab work) each session.

Only two goals this week, because they’re both HARD. I think I should add a goal soon about vitamins – I’ve been skipping them more often recently, but with two challenging goals that vitamin goal will have to wait another week (unless Joy takes me up on my comment, in which case I’ll add it in).


Spring Focus update :

Reporting is open until Tuesday midnight, and I’ll report on group progress on Wednesday. I sent the form out a little late because I was sidetracked with moving blogs…


I asked the participants to vote on the official end date because I’m not sure Monday the 5th is best for everyone – as soon as I see results I’ll set the countdown up!

I’m going to break 190 & get that purse – what are you going to do this week to end Spring Focus nice & strong?

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