Weight Loss Weekly Plan for May 25th

May 25, 2010

This past week had one major significant diet event, and it wasn’t my weight loss.  It was the feeling of “settling in” to dieting life which came peacefully over me.  Welcome back, is all I can say to that!

Strangely enough, this occurred as the scale went up, not down.  I’m up 2 1/2 pounds this week for what is probably a mix between TOM bloating, heat & a little bit of overeating.  I’m not stressed about it, because I don’t think the weight increase is a good reflection of what’s been going on.

Assessment of the weekend :

This long holiday weekend I didn’t get in any exercise but I did eat on plan 90% of the time.  Of course we all know in dieting 90% ‘on’ and 10% ‘off’ can be insufficient to actually lose.  We went out to one really nice dinner on Saturday night, but actually almost all the choices were healthy (but again that word ‘almost’).  And Sunday evening we were invited to a friend’s house and most of the meal was manageable for me but one thing was not, and I turned down dessert (that & cheese are the only things you can politely refuse in France).

Still, despite the scale (which I can explain a few different ways) I feel good about my efforts on diet & exercise & I’m pretty confident that I’m on the right track.  I struggled a lot to get back on track for a few weeks after my extended break, so being back to this way of living being my “routine” feels good, no matter what the stupid little square wants to say.

Assessment of last week :

I do think it would be really nice to see the scale drop again this week, and that’s going to be a bit of a challenge, as I have travels & a short week.

1) Eat healthy but not write things down.  Report all deviations in the blog.   Sort Of. I didn’t report all deviations of the weekend on the blog. Want to hear them? 1/2 a caramel, about 8 bites of dessert, some zucchini tian casserole,

2) Weigh in daily. OK. But I didn’t like it

3) Exercise three times this week.  I did 5!!!

Goals for this week :

1) Eat healthy without writing things down : I’m doing this minimal level of food awareness one more week.  I’m guessing next week I’ll increase the awareness by switching over to writing things down, but I’m willing to give this approach one more go.

2) Exercise 4 times this week : a stretch objective for sure – it will require me working out every day that I’m home plus one of the days I’m coming or going.

3) Focus on Relaxing again : I do better with my weight and my overall life stress when I can link Pleasure & Relaxation to the process of losing weight.  I’ll report in on at least 3 Pleasures or Relax items per day, and I’ll try to add to my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list this week too.

Gone are the daily weigh-ins, by the way.  It’s strange because at times it’s been really helpful to weigh in daily, but right now it has felt like a burden.  I’m back to weekly weigh-ins for a while.


Spring Focus update :

Being away for a few days to our place in the South of France also meant a few days away from the internet.  I wasn’t posting or reading email and unfortunately I didn’t get it together to send out the reporting form for the week before I left (I did send it last night).  I’ll report on group progress on Wednesday.

Since next week is a long weekend in the US we’ll be on the same schedule next week (although I’ll send the email on Sunday night or Monday) so reporting in through Tuesday, group results Wednesday.

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