Weight Loss While Distracted : Taking It Day By Day

December 13, 2010

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I’m Quite Distracted These Days

I’ve been worried about my job, I spend a lot of time thinking about the upcoming baby, I try to keep my emotions on an even keel and not let my natural worry-wart tendencies burst to the front, but also keep a grounded approach to all going on in life.

Since I’m spending so much of my limited amount of self control on keeping a certain degree of mental stability, I find I’m struggling the most with my weight.

In Times of Stress, We Return To Our Deep Habits

In times of stress we all tend to return to our deep habits, in particular those that comfort us somehow.  Some people avoid food, some overindulge.

I guess I’m doing quite well – this week I managed to keep my diet to what I wanted at least 95% of the time.  The risks of slipping up are everywhere, however.  Each day I feel like I struggle multiple times each day, over and over, questioning things that normally are just routine ways I live my life.  I found myself considering adding sugar to coffee the other day – and I’ve had sugarfree coffee for at least 5 years.

It’s pretty exhausting, actually.  I’ve gone for long months of high-travel living with consistently making good choices and it feeling almost effortless, so a work-from-home week where I thought about eating all kinds of crazy stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all times in between was not a welcome change.

Nevertheless, I’ve made it through.

I keep focusing just on the one meal, the one snack, making tons of tea to see if I’m just bored or thirsty (which is usually the case).

I make myself have a healthy meal in place of whatever tempting distraction I’ve dreamed up for myself, each time telling myself I can re-evaluate at the next meal & if I still am really wanting it then I can have it.

I’ve baked goodies with the excuse of the holidays, but I’ve been clever enough to bake stuff I don’t really like (and to use friends & family as tasters so I haven’t even had one for a sample).

As you can tell, I’m on the edge, playing a bit with fire, but remarkably holding myself on this side of the line.

It feels like those photos of people playing at surf’s edge on a pretty beach with rolled-up jeans & you just know at some moment their pants will get wet.

But I’m doing okay, and I’ve started to recognize a lot of mental stuff going on (fears about something bad happening to the baby, fears about how I’ll adjust to motherhood & fears about how my marriage will weather the changes).  It’s also resulted in a lot of intertia on things we need to do to get ready to have a baby join our home, and at my husband’s insistence I finally started to move off the dime on one thing this weekend (although my list of things I need to do is so long it’s paralyzing).  But getting moving at all helped me let go a bit of the fear and paralysis and I’m clear on several next steps and if I keep moving slowly on next steps I should make some decent progress.

Weight holding steady, but not moving down

Today my weight is steady.  I’m at least meeting my minimum agreement to hold the line on the weight through the holidays.

I’d really like to get back to regular exercise but I’m not feeling it as a pleasure right now, more as a chore, so I’ll need to see how that goes.

For this week, my only goal is to keep on keeping on… And try to relax a little!

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