What do you do when you are really STRESSED?

June 5, 2010

Today I did something that made me prouder than pretty much anything I’ve done all year.

I had a stressful day

Despite the miscarriage of 2 weeks ago my morale is holding up pretty well & I’ve not fallen into a depression, but the constant wait-hope-wait-hope cycle wears me down and I know I’m not dealing with everyday pressure as easily.

Today I had stress coming from several directions today – although Work Stress dominated. A big project is in the crunch phase at work, plus discussions around what a next job will be are heating up, and before I’d even had coffee I got the news I didn’t get a job I’d interviewed for recently.

I ended the day with one Big Stress event

The specifics of the stress don’t really matter – what matters is how I reacted.

As I walked out of the meeting, I immediately thought to myself “I need to get to the gym”.

Not “I need ice cream”

Not “I need pasta carbonara”

Not even “I need to call a friend” (although I did, on my way home before hitting the gym)

Nope, I thought “I need to get to the gym”

Last year when I had REAL life stress (dealing with cancer & needing to have a hysterectomy when I wanted to have a baby) I learned to make exercise into a stress-management technique.

But I went off exercise in early April and have only been back in the gym a handful of times in the past few weeks (when I slowly & gently went back to exercise).

So I was pretty surprised (but quite pleased) that my reaction was “‘must work out” instead of “must stuff my face” which is how I dealt with stress for most of my life.

Cool Huh?

What do you do when you are really stressed?

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