What positive steps for health have you taken?

July 11, 2008

For a while now I’ve wanted to do several exercises related to mentally getting yourself into the “losing weight” mode.  Although I’m doing pretty well right now, there is still room for improvement (especially in diet) and the next few weeks with vacations etc will be full of challenging situations, plus I’d like to get this off the “to-do” list.   Upcoming days will have other exercises from this series.

What 5 positive steps for your health have you taken in the past month?

  1. Started exercising 2 weeks ago
  2. Re-started the vitamins consistently
  3. Various medical tests and doctors visits
  4. Kept doing multiple stress-managment things including reading, walking, and adequate sleep
  5. Watching what I eat (reducing sugar, white carbs, volumes)
  6. Eating lots of fruits and veggies
  7. New electric toothbrush (it’s fabulous!)
  8. Keeping up my blog
  9. Started doing the 100 pushups program (thanks, Josephine!)
  10. Cooking regularly from healthy recipes and cookbooks
  11. Planning my week with food, exercise and cooking
  12. Bought several pairs of cute comfortable shoes so that I can walk a bit between appointments when I get the opportunity
  13. Shopping on Sundays to stock up on healthy things
  14. Several hours spent prepping veggies and cooking for the week on Sunday
  15. Made extra efforts to walk at least 15 minutes if I didn’t make it to a “real” exercise session
  16. Standardized breakfasts (cold cereal or oatmeal or museli)

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