Why I Do This Here W.I.D.T.H.

July 10, 2010

Do you know Jack?

Jack has what I think is the most hilarious weight loss blog out there.  In addition to his funny guy posts, he’s got a great & unique style, using his webcam & about a zillion index cards, and he started a series called “Why I Do This Here” W.I.D.T.H. I finally got it together to submit what motivates me to lose weight and he published them as an installment of Why I Do This Here this week.

Here’s what I wrote, along with a bit more explanation : WHY I DO THIS HERE

Because I know I can

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I’ve lost weight before, I’ve done things that are harder than this before.  Ultimately this reason is about personal integrity, about matching what I want to what I’m capable of.

Because I know I won’t regret doing it, but I will regret not doing it sooner

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I already do.

Because I have a clear vision of a future as a healthy, active mom & I need to do my part to make that true.

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This is my Big Goal. I have had quite an infertility saga.  I have a clear vision of myself as an active, healthy, fun mom.  In that vision, I have has us out on walks, climbing on things, riding bikes, hiking, doing all kinds of active family things.  I’m already going to be an old first-time mom (over 40!) – but I don’t want to FEEL old, or for my kids not to enjoy those things.

Because I know now that I can lose weight without losing my mind

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I now know there is another path, than instead of obsessive dieting & brutal exercise, there is a path which I like to call “low stress” weight loss.  It might be slower, but the journey is much nicer!  Why “Low Stress” weight loss? Because my life is quite stressful, actually, and I don’t need to add stress from weight loss to it!

I’m hoping in the future to find the courage to put my picture to these words!

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