Winter coats

January 28, 2010

Gosh, I am so glad I started losing weight in 2009.  I feel huge these days and I’d be feeling even worse if I had let my weight stay up (or more likely, pile up even further).

As I’m losing weight, some clothes I’ve worn constantly for the past few years are starting to feel too baggy.  Baggy had a distinct advatage before, but now makes me feel even bigger.

Winter coats are the worst.  I have a padded long black down-filled one for really cold weather — and it’s warm and wonderful & when it’s that cold I could care less what it looks like.  But for other winter coats I’ve been looking kind of shleppy for the past few years.  I was starting to think about adding “winter coat” to my holiday wish list this year, when it occured to me that I had bought a coat my first winter in Paris, and now that I’m losing weight it might even fit again.

As I dug through the dark reaches of my closet I found TWO winter coats — one I had completely forgotten about (and NEVER worn) and the one I’d had in mind.  The never worn one is a size 12, and it buttons but doesn’t look good – need to lose another size for it to be workable – but it was a nice find (and a beautiful coat!).  The one that I had in mind, however, DOES FIT, and it is perfect for this late Fall weather.  It’s also extremely chic & Parisian looking – probably the most fashionable coat I’ve ever owned, and while it won’t look good with 3 heavy sweaters underneath, it looks just fine with one slim one (and honestly the coat isn’t very warm so if I need more than one sweater I need a different coat anyway).

How’s that for a NSV (non-scale victory)?!?!

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