Yippee! Make that 2 good days in a row!

April 23, 2008

Yesterday started well. I took a few minutes to think through my day and come up with a plan of action – knowing the day would be a dieting challenge. I had a fancy business lunch (starter, main dish, dessert) and then a rare evening out w my DH. Well, both went well. At lunch I decided I would order fish (which I did, but they prepared it with a lot of fat…) and dinner was kind of out of my hands – we went to a Japanese place my DH has been talking about for months now where the specialty is this type of pancake from the Osaka area – it was made up mainly of veggies but I’m sure it also packed in the calories -it was very yummy.

My fruit & veggie count remained high – 2 fruit for breakfast (smoothie again!, with nectarine and raspberry ) 4 for lunch (mushrooms, celery root puree, strawberries, raspberries) dinner 3 (small salad, edamame, and whatever veggies were in/on the pancake-thing).

The best moment of choice was late in the day when we went to the movies (after missing the theatre because my DH got confused of which theatre to drive to…) – at the movies I love to eat popcorn, or sometimes ice cream (one of the few places where I see real Ben & Jerry’s in France). I really wanted a small Chunky Monkey but I though about how awful I’ve been feeling about myself and the fact that I wasn’t even hungry and skipped it. Since my DH did get a big chocolate bar, I decided to get a lollipop just to have something to put in my mouth and not feel deprived – and after about 3 minutes I was able to throw that away too.

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