I can overeat and LOSE weight.

January 2, 2008

I have come to realize a great truth. I overeat. I eat too much, and too often. I don’t always make good food choices. Duh, I weigh almost 200 pounds, so if you saw me on the street you’d already guess that. But it’s still a surprise to me.


Because I know how to eat well too. Or I would have sworn I did 3 months ago, even if I wasn’t doing it. But in fact I knew how to select low-calorie food. I knew that if I ate low calorie foods I would lose weight, especially if I also exercised.
But eating well is not about having bad eating behaviors and just using them on low-cal foods. This is my great awakening these past few months, working with Dr Hope, reading on my own, and my search for Low Stress Weight Loss.

I suspect one of the keys to permanent weight loss is being able to manage to eat anything in small portions.

For years I dieted rigorously and filled up constantly with low-calorie fare. And I lost weight. I lost a little weight when it was low-fat fare, and I lost a lot of weight when it was low-calorie fare. But for the most part I replaced eating too much junk and high-calorie fare with eating too much low-calorie fare. I didn’ really learned a new way to eat, to approach food, and therefore when low-calorie fare was scarce, or hidden among high-calorie options, or too much trouble, or simply boring me, I would go back to overeating the high-calorie stuff. And regain weight.

In short, for years now, when I lost weight I replaced overeating w high-cal foods with overeating low-cal ones. It’s still overeating.

My own type of overeating isn’t bingeing, and I’m not into the OA thing or other overeaters types of things, it’s really so basic as eating a bit too much and a bit too often. Except those might be BIG ‘bits’.

I think the fundamental behaviors around foods – when to eat (when hungry) , when to stop (when not too full), how to eat (slowly, savoring your food) are critical things for me to master.

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